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The OFRA Team Does #MeanGirlsDay

There’s only one way to celebrate October 3rd on a Wednesday… The OFRA Team came in strong rocking none other than their favorite pink fits & makeup to celebrate this iconic day. Check them out below! Mariel Wearing: Crazy Pink from Bright Addictions Palette with Cloud 9 Highlighter on the eyes and cheeks, and mixed Laguna Beach and Nude Potion for my lip today! Fave Character: Janis Ian cause she was secretly cool, doesn’t GAF about anyone's...

Recreating Face Charts with the OFRA Team

Just one of the many other national holidays we’re loving- it’s National Creativity Day, and what better way to express ourselves creatively than with makeup! The OFRA Team took on a challenge of recreating face charts by the IG famous @milk1422 , known for creating beautiful and intricate face charts with makeup from the softest glam to the most colorful and bold looks. Check him out for yourself, maybe you’ll find some inspo like we...