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Team Looks Using Loose Eyeshadows

Hey, Beauties! Did you know here at OFRA Cosmetics we have an entire line of loose eyeshadows? These pigmented shadows are perfect for both blending out an entire look or just popping on one color. Check out the looks our social team created using their favorite loose eye shadows.

For my eye look I used 2 matte and 2 shimmer shades from our Loose Shadows collection. I used the shade Champagne as a slight transition shade above my inner lid. I then used the shade L'Orange on my outer corner and dragged the color up and over to meet the Champagne shade. Once I blended the shades out I went in and cut my crease with a white eye shadow primer. I then dipped into the shimmer shade Millennium Gold with a damp brush and placed it in on 1/3 of my inner lid. I did the same thing with the shade Shiny Penny, but only placed it on the middle of my lid. I went back in with a small clean fluffy brush and lightly buffed out any spots that had harsh lines. I finished this eye look with a cat eye using our Verified Liquid Eye Liner, and then popped on some cute lashes. Oh I cannot forget the lips! I decided to do a nice neutral ombre lip using the Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick shades Americano and Sao Paluo.


This was my first time trying our Loose Eyeshadows and I really just picked out the colors I liked not thinking I would use them all in this look! Much to my surprise I only used loose eyeshadows and was actually pleased with the results even though it was definitely touch-and-go there for a while as the look came together. I will say when working with shadows like these I would recommend putting foundation and concealer on after most of the eye is complete. I had to take off my concealer halfway through because I was making a mess.

I started with the shade Mikah and put that all over my lid, blending it out right into the brow bone. I thought a 70's hazy eyes with sparkle would work perfectly for the products so I then used the shade Amethyst and blended it into the center of the lid, from the inner corner towards the center of the lid, with my finger I blended in the shade Lemon Yellow. With the shade Smoky Pearl and a pencil brush, I applied the shadow from the center of the lower lashline to the outer corner and then blended the shade up to create almost a wing shape. Then with Amethyst on the pencil brush I filled in the rest of the lash line to the inner corner. Using one of our wipes I wiped all the excess shadow from my eyes and then made a sharp line on the outer edge of the eye to give some strength to the look.



I've never tried loose shadows before so this was an interesting challenge. To begin, I used our Wet & Dry foundation in shade #40 for my base. For my eyes, I started by applying our Eye Gel Primer all over my lids to make this look stay in place all day. For my shadows to blend this look together, I went into the all new Summer Edit Palette. I first blended the shade Latte in all over my eyes to set my primer. Next, I used the shade Raisin in my crease to blend my fiery look together. I deepened my outer V using Millennium Bark. Now it was time for the loose shadow. I covered my lids in the shade Shiny Penny. It is the most beautiful copper shade I have ever seen! To lighten up my inner corner I used Lemon Gold and blended it into my inner lid. I finished it all off by adding some mascara and black liner to my waterline. I set everything down with my holy grail, Makeup Fixer.



With blue eyes, I tend to be drawn towards anything with pinks and purple. So of course, I instantly was excited to play with our loose eye shadow in the shade Shiny Pink. But to start off this look I went in with our Pro Palette - Summer Edit. I used the shade Snooze all over my lid, then deepened my crease with the shade Charm. To add even more dimension I applied the shade Trance with a very thin brush to my crease and outer corner. Then H-E-L-L-O shimmer, Shiny Pink is a pigment, sparkly pink that completed my eye look. With a flat, synthetic brush I swiped Shiny Pink over my lid. Popped up mascara and I was good to go!



Believe it or not, after working here for 8 years this was the first time I have tried our loose eye shadows and I was pleasantly surprised! I guess the reason I never approached this item is that I was worried I would make a mess, but learning to shake off the brush and lightly tap the product on my lids was the trick! I used Lemon Gold on my inner corner and middle of my lid and then went in with Mikah on my outer v and blended Mikah into my crease! I also used Mikah under my lower lash line! I topped off my eye look with our HD Volumizing Mascara and our Black Pencil Liner on my lower lash line!



For my look I used Khaki all over the crease, then went in with Mikah (one of my faves!!) on the lid leaving the inner part blank to add Shiny Pink which I also brought to my inner eye corner. Then I added Smoky Pearl to deepen up the outer corner and smoke out the bottom lashline. I finished off my face with our Absolute Cover Foundation, Skin Sculpting wands, Sweet Electric Palette for bronzer, Sweet Stuff Blush from the Miller Squad Midi Palette and also mixed those two highlighters and Blissful from Sweet Electric for my cheekbone, nose and brow bone highlight. My lip combo features a new OFRAx Jenluvsreviews lippie mixed with Las Vegas for some added color to this look! I thought working with loose shadows would be difficult but I just tapped any excess in the caps and made sure to blend thoroughly! 👌☺️



I love the shade Mikah in our loose eye shadows because it is super sparkly and versatile. It has an almost black base with a bunch of gold sparkles. If you use makeup fixer to apply it, the black base comes through more to make it a smokier shade. My favorite way to use it is by tapping it on with my finger to a sticky base which makes it have a gold glittery effect. To start my look, I did eyes first since I know there will be some fallout with this loose shade. I kept it simple just blending Latte in my crease and deepened it up with Truffle. Then I went in with the Mikah on my finger and tapped it onto my lid. I used a Cleanse it Off wipe to remove any fallout on my face before doing the rest of my makeup. I used a light layer of foundation, River, Sweet Stuff, and Start Inspired on my cheeks for bronzer, blush, and highlight. To set everything, I bathed in our Makeup Fixer. After that, I used Latte and Truffle on my lower lash line and then used the HD Volumizing Mascara. For my lips, I mixed a combo from Jen Luvs Reviews new lip set. I mixed all three shades together to get this nude lip and loved it!



 These loose eye shadows are my favorite product at the moment! So much so, that I created not 1 but 3 looks with them! The beauty of these loose eye shadows is that the colors are so vibrant and easy to use! For the 3 looks I created, I used the colors, Plum, Amethyst, and Shiny Pink. The first look I created for our Tip Tuesday segment on IG. I used the color plum on my lid and added a wing and lashes and it was so pretty! For the second look, I created a sultry plum look for this blog and I think it was my favorite of all 3 looks. Lastly, on Fridays we go Live on FB and this is the look I created, which was selected by the viewers and the chose Shiny Pink and Plum and these two looked beautiful together



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