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Team Makeup Looks with Our All-New Eyeshadow Palettes

Are you ready to fall in love? WE ARE! Our newest Inspired Signature Collection launches on Vday 2020 and we can't wait for you to feel as inspired by these palettes as we do. Featuring and inspired by our most-loved liquid-to-baked highlighters, this first round of the collection (wink wink there's more to come!) includes two all-new palettes and lip glosses created from our Pillow Talk and Neptune Highlighters. Check out the full collection deets here

These 5-pan palettes can create so many looks and they travel so well that the team couldn't help but try out some F-I-R-E looks with them, ENJOY!

I created this look with the Sweet Dreams Palette. I applied all of the shades from the palette, from the eyebrow bone to the crease, going from lightest to darkest! Then I cut the lid with concealer and applied our Bo$$y Eyes in the shade Penthouse and pressed Pillow Talk Highlighter on top. I lined the crease using our Fixline Gel Eyeliner in Green Vibrations. I finished the look with more Pillow Talk on my cheekbones and the lips with our Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Milan and topped it with our Lip Gloss in Myth.


For this look, I went in with our Galaxy Palette! I honestly didn't think this monochromatic palette would be as good as it was, or rather I did not think I would be able to create a complete eye look with it but was truly surprised! I used the shade "Stellar" as the base on my lid but did not drag a lot of that shade into my inner corner as I wanted "Neptune" to be super vibrant and pop in my inner corner. I then added "Eclipse" to deepen the outer v of my eyes and then used "Milky Way" on the rest of my lids and added "Neptune" again under my brow bone. Then I emphasized my lower lashline with "Orion" which was a super-rich pigmented purple with a hint of shimmer that really brought out my hazel eyes! As I said, I was pleasantly surprised that I could create such a pretty eye look with only the colors in this palette. I finished off with our Black Pencil Liner in my waterline and our HD Volumizing Mascara. It is definitely safe to say that our Galaxy Palette is a new fav of mine!!


 I created this soft look with the Sweet Dreams Palette. I used Dreamcatcher all over the lid to create a soft base. I then went in with Snooze to add some depth to the crease to give me a nice berry blend. I finished off this look with Trance to deepen the outer V. For a pop of shine I went in with Pillow Talk for my inner corner and brow bone highlight. For the lips I used the Spicy lip gloss. Cheek highlight brought to you by Rodeo Drive!


I just had to use both palettes! First I used Dreamcatcher as a transition shade, Stellar (Galaxy) as crease shade, Snooze all over the lid with Crush on top, Milky Way (Galaxy) on top for added brightness and Eclipse (Galaxy) to deepen the outer eye corner. I then mixed Eclipse and Orion (Galaxy) on the lower lash line and blended out with a mix of Stellar (Galaxy) and Dreamcatcher (Sweet Dreams). Finished off the brow bone, inner eye corner, nose, and cheeks with Pillow Talk Highlighter. On the lips is Verona and Myth gloss on top.

For this look, I decided to do something out of the norm for me with the Sweet Dreams palette...a halo eye. I started by putting Dreamcatcher all over my crease as my transition shade. Next, I applied Snooze a bit more concentrated in my crease. I then took Trance, the darkest shade in the palette, and put that in my inner and outer corners on my lid leaving the middle space blank. For the shimmer, I used Crush on the middle of my lid and to make the very center pop I added Pillow Talk on top. I feel like using both of these shimmers helped create a more gradient halo eye and Pillow Talk was the perfect touch. On my lower lashline, I used both Crush and Trance and blended them out before using our HD Volumizing Mascara to complete the look!


This look was all about the wings. I've been on a real wing kick lately, and not the kind you can get at a restaurant ;) So I decided to up my wing game by using the Galaxy Palette to make an extended wing just from eyeshadows. The first thing I like to do with most of my looks is to create shadows in my outer corner and inner corner of the eye with any transition shade, l used bronzer, to help my hooded eye have some shadow and light. I then used the shade Eclipse to line the lash line and create a rough sketch of the wing shape and then blended it out. With an angled brush and Orion, I created a wing just as if I was doing it with liquid liner, but just a bit more exaggerated than I normally would without blending it in. I then mixed Neptune and Milky Way together on my finger and pressed the shades into the rest of the lid. I used Orion and Neptune to smoke out the bottom lash line. For my lips, I lined with Verona LLLL, filled in with Supernova Gloss, and added a hint of shimmer with Myth.


Galaxy Palette has to be my favorite from the Inspired collection. I created a smokey eye look by applying the lightest color on the eyebrow bone and going toward the lid with each shade going deeper and deeper until reaching my lash line with the darkest shade. I applied the Neptune highlighter/shadow on my inner corners and used Bo$$y Eyes in Penthouse to line the crease. I finished the look with contour and highlight and my lips with Oh My Ry Ry.


Beauties, did you find a look that you could recreate? Let us know in the comments or tag us in your looks #OFRAbeauties on Instagram so we can give you some love. 


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