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Our Fave Skincare Bundles

  With so many skincare products it can be hard to pick out the absolute best. That's why we introduced our Skincare Bundles. We want you Beauties be able to get your hands on some of our best products. Want to know which are our faves? Check out what the team has to say:

Lip Care Squad Bundle

“We always remember to moisturize our skin, but the lips are always so overlooked. This Lip Care Squad is everything I need to make sure my lips stay hydrated. I normally use the Exfoliating Lip Balm 2-3 times week during my evening routine to refresh my lips from daily lipstick wear. The Moisturizing Rose Lipstick is my go-to (I have one at my desk in my car, and in my purse)! It's perfect for on the go. When my lips are feeling a little on the dryer side, I break out the Pure Vitamin E stick for that extra boost of moisture. The bundle also comes with a Lip Gloss Stick, which is an added bonus for that touch of shine on our matte LLLL!”

- Dani  

Get Unready Bundle

“With college, comes makeup. I mean nothing says relaxing after a large assignment like putting on a full face of makeup and going out. As someone who is a makeup lover with a jam-packed schedule, it is essential I actually take my makeup OFF. With this bundle of OFRA Get Unready products, taking off my makeup is easy AND enjoyable. I like to take the After Makeup Cleansing Balm and massage it into my skin. Once my skin is coated, I will take a Cleanse Off Wipe to remove EVERYTHING! And you can't forget about the Instant Eye Makeup Remover. I like to put this on a cotton ball and gently rub it onto my eyes to remove every last bit of mascara.”

- Rachel 

Oil Absorbing Bundle 

“This bundle is a must have. I love to spot treat with the Volcanic Clarifying Mask on all of the oilier areas on my face. The mask is a great way to start off controlling the oil in your pores. I then love to go over my face with the Fruit Acid Lotion all over, which helps with oil and my dark spots as well. The Oil Free Moisturizer is a moisturizer I love to use before my makeup application and before bed, it gives the right amount of moisture without making my skin look or feel oily. This overall is the best bundle I have come across for all my skincare needs.” 

- Ashley 

Easy to Vitamin C Bundle 

“I easily get sun spots these days so I love the Easy to Vitamin C Bundle to help with pigmentation and evening my skin tone! Plus these products smell amazing! The Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser is my favorite and stays in my shower for everyday use. The Vitamin C Cream compliments my skincare routine and I like using it on my body as well like my arms for the dry spots I have. When I feel like I need a good deep clean for my face the Vitamin A & C Peel Off Mask does wonders at pulling blackheads (which I have a lot of) and firming my skin. Vitamin C for the win!”

- Mariel 

Multi Masking Bundle 

“My favorite bundle is the Multi-Masking Bundle! I love to do masks before I get in the shower and usually pick different ones depending on how my skin is feeling. I like using the Soft Pearl Peel when I feel like I need a good exfoliation on my face or if I have been wearing makeup a lot. I use our Brightening Mask when I feel like my skin is looking uneven or more red than usual. The Revitalizing Clay mask is just one of my favorites in general when I want to mask and relax.”

- Shaina 

Glow For Body Care Bundle 

“Can I really choose a favorite skin care bundle? Honestly, NO! But if I absolutely had to it would be the Glow For Body Care...This is a must-have summer/winter pack. Hydra-Nourishing is the love of my skin care life. Seriously, I have backups for my backups. This is my "somehow I ended up on a desert island with one thing" product. It's firming, hydrating, not oily, and my legs always look healthy and not dried out at any point of the day. Add Radiance Face & Body to the mix and I'm exfoliated and ready for a skirt day with a finishing touch of RCK that evens out all the bruises that I get from working out. PERFECTION.”

- Paula


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