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That's So 2020: An E-Girl Tutorial

When I heard we were doing E-Girl makeup the first thing I did was Google it (I know, Boomer right!) I had seen a few looks on TikTok, but wanted to know more. Once I researched, I was in love with the look and it was easy to create. The main idea is a beautiful, goth, colorful look... Lol, that’s the best way I can describe it. 

I created my vibe for this look by starting out with my favorite color, pink. A good E-Girl look consists of a smokey eye even if it’s colorful. I chose the Sweet Dreams Palette like it’s namesake, this palette is a dream! Beautiful pink and wine colors combine to make the perfect mood for my look. I used E-V-E-R-Y single one of the colors. I also added a fading triangle facing downwards on my bottom lashes where it met up with black hearts on my cheeks. I also added a rhinestone to the inner corners of my eye and to the hearts.


It was time to choose blush, the blush I believe its the most important part of this look. The blush is like the centerpiece of the makeup as you wear it to be seen! The entire cheek to your cheekbones will be covered in blush and it must be added to the nose for that cute doll look and it’s complemented with lots of highlights. I used the new By Samantha March collection. For blush, I used the blush duo Chick-Lit and the highlighter Start Inspired. 


Lastly, I choose to do an ombre lip fading from dark borders to a light center using our long-lasting liquid lipsticks Mina and Monaco. This was a super fun look to create, there is no right or wrong just enjoy yourself!


Written by: Shaquira Bonilla


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