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The Best and Worst Trends of 2017



This year came in fierce and has almost blown right past us. What a year! Am I right? From some of the most loved trends to some of the worst we have seen, (nostril hair extensions? Yuck!). We’re giving you a roundup of some of our faves from over the year and just to balance it out, some of our unloved ones too.

Worst of 2017:

Unicorn Everything- enough with the unicorn looks! Pastel eyes? Pretty. Glitter on the lids? Here for it! But pastels, glitter and rainbow everything from hair to lips? A bit too much! It’s best to use these things in moderation. Save it for festivals and Halloween.


Extreme Contouring- we love a good contour but like all things that start out great, they get taken too far and we hate to say it but we aren’t a fan of contouring the body and super deep contrasts in highlighting and shadows.




Wavy Brows- Team member Melanie tried to recreate this horrid trend on Facebook Live along with Daniela who also recreated our next terrible trend. The wavy brows were creative, and fun but not a trend to stay. #overit.



Overly plump/ overdrawn lips- the kylie lips became a huge hit in the beauty community and we’re here for a bit of over lining and evening of the lips, even making them look a bit plumper, but many have taken this trend beyond to the supernatural and it is not flattering! Want to learn how to get fuller looking lips without the injections? Read more here.

Best of 2017:

Creative Cut Crease- From bold glitter liner cuts to rainbow lines, to planetary scenes, the crease has never seen so many out-of-the-box looks. From the most monochromatic cut creases to the most ethereal, we love that creativity has found a new canvas.


Pops of Color- This fall at New York Fashion Week, the Spring/Summer runway shows were vibrant with pops of color from red-winged liner looks to neon greens, blues, and oranges stroked across lips and lids with completely bare faces to really draw your eyes in.  We can see this trend slaying straight through 2018.



Matte Lipstick-  Matte lips have never been more artful than they were this year.  Liquid lippies have added the perfect application and wear of our fave formulas, and the color selection of matte shades has been a game changer.  From chromes to metallics, to glitter, mattes were a reason to celebrate in 2017.



Faux Freckles- The freckle finally had its moment is 2017, and we loved every minute of it.  Whether the looks were natural--using eyebrow pencils to do a few moles here and there--or next level--having them tattooed--showing real skin has never been more glam. One of our fave iterations of the freckle this year is definitely the metallic freckle.  Using a liquid liner, or even one of our very own Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks in a metallic, this look is what Coachella glam dreams are made of.  Check out our blog where we explain how to use our Long Lasting Liquid Lips to recreate the metallic freckle and some of our other favorite trends of 2017.


What were some of your other hits and misses when it came to trends of 2017? Let us know in the comments below! And don't forget to tag @ofracosmetics / #ofracosmetics if you've tried any of these looks featured above!


Let's see what this new year will bring in beauty trends. 


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