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The Best Skincare for Combo Skin

The hardest part of picking out a skin care routine is understanding your skin type. It took me a long time to realize that I didn’t have just oily skin. In fact, it wasn't until I started wearing mattifying foundations that I even realized that just my t-zone was oily throughout the day and that my forehead and cheeks were looking dried out and cracked. Finally “getting” my skin really threw a curveball into my skin care routine, which always consisted of oily skin basics like oil-free moisturizers and clay masks. 

Realized that you have combination skin? Check out this full OFRA routine from AM to PM, plus tips for weekly treatments. We are breaking down every skin type and routine in the coming weeks, so...

In The AM 

1. Cleanser

Every morning a splash of water and a pump of Foaming Vitamin C is the only way to start your day. Besides the citrusy scent that wakes up your senses, this cleanser filled with Vitamin C for brightening skin is the perfect way to cleanse the skin of excess oils from sleeping. 

2. Toner

Toner is a must step for me. Revitalizing Toner is the just right balance between controlling oils on the skin with Witch Hazel and soothing it with Aloe Vera

3. Moisturizer

While oily skin types tend to skip this step altogether or go for an oil-free option, a lightweight moisturizer works well for combination skin rather than completely eliminating all oils. Vitamin C Cream is my preferred daytime moisturizer. It’s not too thick, but I do apply it to my cheeks, jawline, and forehead first, and then just use what is left in my hands to cover the rest of my face. This cream also has natural sun-filters that protect the skin from sun damage, and it smells delicious.


In The PM

1. Makeup Remover

Even if I haven’t worn any makeup throughout the day, I still feel like I need a 2-step cleansing in the evening. Debris and oils from the day just need that extra removal whether you used foundation or not. 2Phase Makeup Remover is a hybrid formula with an oil and water mixture that allows it to easily glide off the day without taking every bit of hydration with it. This gentle remover is especially effective at melting away mascaras and liners without stinging the eyes.. 

2. Cleanser

Foaming Vitamin C is a great option for the evening as well as daytime, but for combo skin, I use Dual Action Cleanser with Scrub. The exfoliating granules in this cleanser help clear away dead skin cells without being too aggressive while the gel-like cleanser itself is gentle and will keep the skin from feeling tight.

3. Serum

The evening is the perfect time to add more moisture, serums, and oils to your routine. Oily skin types tend to want to eliminate all oils from their routine, but theoretically the more oils we remove from our skin the more our skin will produce oils. Almost creating the counter-effect for what we wanted. For combo skin, the idea is the same, and even more important because we may even end up with dry patches. I use Vitamin C 25% Serum and/or Collagen Serum in the evenings. Vitamin C is great for brightening and the Collagen Serum delivers the most moisture with sodium hyaluronate, which is an even smaller molecule of Hyaluronic Acid, making it more moisturizing.

4. Moisturizers

Finally, I finish my evening routine with Retinol Cream. This helps keep skin clear and addresses dark spots and fine lines, and enlarged pore. Just make you are always using an SPF in the daytime when using any retinol product.


The Weekly Extras 

1. Fruit Acid Lotion

A few times a week I like to layer in this AHA rich toner into my routine to control breakouts. I add this in during my evening routine and let it completely dry before layering on serums.

2. Volcanic Clarifying Mask

This is great once a week or every other week depending on how oily your t-zone is. I use this mask as part of a multi-masking routine, placing it only on the areas that I need it and then using either a moisturizing mask or a brightening mask on the rest of the skin. Volcanic clears the skin and balances oil production.


Find any good pointers? Discovered that you actually have combination skin? Beauties, let us know in the comments any tips you found work on combo skin. We’ll be back with more routines soon!


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