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The OFRA Team Does #MeanGirlsDay

There’s only one way to celebrate October 3rd on a Wednesday… The OFRA Team came in strong rocking none other than their favorite pink fits & makeup to celebrate this iconic day. Check them out below!


Crazy Pink from Bright Addictions Palette with Cloud 9 Highlighter on the eyes and cheeks, and mixed Laguna Beach and Nude Potion for my lip today!
Fave Character:
Janis Ian cause she was secretly cool, doesn’t GAF about anyone's opinion and just kept it real.
Fave Quote:
Whatever. I’m getting cheese fries.”- Regina George



Pink Lady from our Blush Palette to get the neon pink eyeshadow. Crazy Pink blush, and Monaco liquid lipstick.

The character I relate to most:
Cady because when I moved to Florida when I was 10 I felt so out of place! Not to the extent that she does but similar. Also, I felt like high school was pretty much exactly like the scene where they’re animals in the jungle LOL
Fave Quote:
 “Danny Devito I love your workkkkk!”- Damien



Unzipped Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick
The character I relate to most:
Principle Duvall because he's trying his best and isn't that what we're all doing?
Fave Quote:
"I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!"- Mrs. George


Cloud 9 Highlighter on the eyes and cheeks
Favorite Character:
Karen because I too have ESPN :D
Fave Quote:
"its like I have ESPN or something" - Karen


Laguna Beach on the lips and as an eyeliner, Crazy Pink blush on the cheeks and eyelids, Cloud 9 Highlight

Fave Character:
Regina George- Besides the whole "Mean Girls" thing--it takes confidence to stand out and lead others, even if it's totally evil.
Fave Quote: 
"That is the ugliest f-ing skirt I’ve ever seen.” – Regina George


Punch as a blush and also all over my lid ;) I mixed Santa Ana and Charmed, and of course, I'm wearing Pillow Talk *pink heart emoji*
Fave Character:
Karen, because she's always down to go to Taco Bell and I feel like we would both order a cheesy gordita crunch.
Fave Quote:
Gretchen: Regina, you’re wearing sweatpants. It’s Monday.
Regina: So…?
Karen: So that’s against the rules, and you can’t sit with us.
Regina: Whatever. Those rules aren’t real.
Karen: They were real that day I wore a vest!


Check out our Instagram stories for some behind the scenes office footage celebrating Mean Girls Day with some appearances from our other team members. (trust me you don’t want to miss it!) Which looks are you loving? Let us know in the comments below!


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