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The Perfect Full-Face of Neutral: Featuring Our NEWEST Releases!




Some days I wear makeup, but I definitely don’t always have the time to go full glam- and let’s be real, most days I don’t have the time at all! When I am in the mood and have some time to do my makeup, it’s usually pretty minimal and very neutral. I’m going to give you guys my “everyday” makeup look that’s perfect to wear at the office or on a casual day to day basis when you want to feel put together and a little bit made up!


Monotone and bronzey looks for spring & summer have been spotted everywhere, whether it be on the faces of your favorite beauty gurus or insta-famous models strutting down the runways of world-renowned designers.  I typically stay within the warm neutral family with the occasional pop of color, but for this look I wanted to keep it extra light, natural, and true to my everyday wear.



I started with a light layer of my OFRA Absolute Cover Silk Peptide Foundation in #07 to even out my skin tone and to prepare my face for all other products.



Using my customized magnetic Pop-up Palette, I continued to lightly contour my face with the 3D Egyptian Clay Bronzer creating a ‘3’ shape, starting from my forehead, rounding down towards my cheekbones and finishing beneath my jawline- a helpful tip from our in-house beauty fanatic and social media team member Kate! I then used the blush shade “Charm” and highlighted with the neutral shimmer shade in the Beverly Hills Highlighter.


Moving on to my eyes, I buffed “Kahlua” all over the lid and used “Truffle” as my crease and outer corner shade. I then took the satin shade “Glorious” and popped that right in the center of my lid to brighten the look and highlight my eye color, blending all the shades together so there are no harsh lines.I finished off the eyes by blending a bit off “Truffle” on the lower lash line for added smokiness also adding the same neutral highlight shade used on the face to my brow bone, and popping the pearly white shade from Beverly Hills on my inner corners. I topped off the look by emphasizing my lashes with our HD Volumizing Mascara.  


Lining my lips with our “Spicy” Lipliner, I filled in my lips with none other than our newest nude lippie Manila! Now a part of the new Nudes Lip Set and also available for purchase separately, this is the perfect rosey nude for everyday wear and has quickly become a favorite here in the office!


This completes my everyday neutral look with a total of 10 makeup products used! Check out our blog post ‘Go-To Makeup With The OFRA Social Team’ for more on what’s in each of our palettes and be sure to read up on our newest lip set collection - The Nudes- Here!


What are your favorite everyday OFRA products?


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