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The Team’s Current Faves & Their Foundation Matches

Hey Beauties! You probably know here at OFRA the team lives that makeup-hoarder life and we  are literally way too deep into our makeup addiction, so there’s no way we could ever go back! ~sorry, not sorry~ You may be wondering how we deal with choosing what makeup we want to wear on the daily since we have so many products to choose from. Well, we compile a stash of our monthly products separately from our entire collection to make it easy for us to reach for those products, so here we are, bringing back more looks for you with some of our current OFRA faves plus our foundation matches!

Mariela's Faves

Foundation: OFRA Liquid Foundation - Bare

Cheeks: Island Time Palette: Blush Cosmo, Americano Bronzer & Rodeo Drive Highlighter

Eyes: Blush Cosmo, Pink Satin Eyeshadow, White Rabbit Fixline Eyeliner Gel,  Beverly Hills Highlighter, & HD Volumizing Mascara

Lips: Mocha LLLL & Glamour Pink Lipgloss

Finishing Touch: Banana Powder & Rose Makeup Fixer

Ashley's Faves

Foundation: Absolute Cover Foundation #7.25 &7.5

Cheeks: OFRAxMadison Miller Sweet Stuff Blush, Francesca Tolot Gilded Palette Bronzato Bronzer

Eyes: Gold Rush, Bark, Country Road & HD Volumizing Mascara

Lips: Truffle Lipgloss

Finishing Touch: Makeup Fixer

Dani's Faves

Foundation: Absolute Cover Foundation #0.5 & Corrector Tri-Pot in Beige Medium

Cheeks: Versatile Matte Bronzer & Star Island Highlighter

Eyes: Signature Palette-Exquisite Eyes & HD Volumizing Mascara

Lips: Flexi Slick in Top Shelf

Finishing Touch: Makeup Fixer 

Diana's Faves


Foundation: Absolute Cover Foundation #4.5 & Corrector Tri-Pot in Beige Medium

Cheeks: Charm Blush, Versatile Bronzer & Rodeo Drive Highlighter

Eyes: Boho Palette (Brown,  Country Road, Essential)

Lips: Hononulu LLLL & Americano LLLL

Finishing Touch: Oil Control Pressed Powder

Cami's Faves

Foundation: Wet & Dry Foundation #44

Cheeks: Bellini Blush & Versatile Matte Bronzer

Eyes: HD Volumizing Mascara, Versatile Matte Bronzer, Bali Highlighter

Lips: Smiley for Ryleigh Lip Gloss

Finishing Touch: Rose Makeup Fixer

Carine's Faves

Foundation: Absolute Cover Foundation #01 and set with Acne Mineral Loose Powder in Sahara

Cheeks: Bellini Blush

Eyes: Plastic Eyeshadow and Millennium White Eyeshadow in the inner corner. Black HD Volumizing Mascara and Verified Liquid Liner

Lips: Santa Ana LLLL

Finishing Touch: Pink highlighter shade in our 3D Egyptian Clay Bronzer on cheekbones and bridge of nose

Mariel's Faves

Foundation: Absolute Cover Foundation in shade #7

Cheeks: Americano Bronzer & OFRAxMadison Miller Sweet Stuff Blush

Eyes: @valelorenbeauty Palette & Infinite Palette

Lips: Ruby & Milan LLLL mixed together

Finishing Touch: Both highlights from the Miller Squad Palette mixed with a bit of Rodeo Drive Highlighter

Leila's Faves

Foundation: Absolute Cover Foundation 7.15

Cheeks: Ollie Need is Love Blush / Beverly Hills Highlighter / Versatile Matte Bronzer

Eyes: Boho Palette / Bronze Derma Mineral Powder

Lips: Tuscany LLLL

Finishing Touch: Makeup Fixer


What do you Beauties think of these looks? Remember, if you get any of these products, be sure to tag @ofracosmetics / #ofracosmetics in all your looks for a chance to be featured on our social media sites!


Written by Mariela Aguilar

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  • All their faces look so nice and fresh! I can’t wait to try one of the OFRA foundations :)

    Marcela on

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