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The Ultimate Body Glow: Everything You Need To Know

Hey Beauties, Spring Break is just around the corner, which means shorts, skirts, and bare arms are about to make an appearance after a long winter under sweatpants and puffer jackets. Who's excited?! We are, but also we need a little something to help us out because the gym and tan time have been pretty low. Our sister brand, RCK, has the product that we all need to pack with our vacay essentials. RCK, is a super easy to apply body glow that adds shimmer to the skin to smooth and perfect everything from arms, legs, and abs.

We get a lot of questions about RCK so we thought we would answer some of your q's below:

1. What does RCK stand for?

RCK is an acronym for Red Carpet Kolour. Why the "K"? RCC just doesn't have the same ring to it!

2. What is RCK?

RCK is like a pair of nude pantyhose that creates a second skin but in a lotion consistency. It can be worn from head to toe and can even be mixed with your foundation because it's only made with skin-loving ingredients. 

3. But what exactly does it do?

Formulated with a hint of color, our body glow blurs dark spots, veins, cellulite, and stretch marks with the perfect amount of shimmer that doesn't look too wet or oily. It has a natural radiance. 

4. Is it a self-tanner? 

No, RCK Body Glow is not a self-tanner. While there are deeper shades of glow that will make your skin appear deeper these results will not stay multiple days or become deeper with continued application. 

5. How long does RCK last?

While RCK is not water-resistant, it is transfer-proof. That's what makes it great for weddings and events! There's no need to worry about your glow staining your expensive gown or leaving tracks (even if they are shimmery!). RCK will last all night as long as you don't get it wet. 

6. How do I pick my shade?

Even though RCK is not a self-tanner, if you are fair you could use Sunkissed or Bronzed to deepen your skin tone if used all over the body. All skin tone and fair skin tones are best suited for Universal. While medium tones match most closely with Sunkissed, and tan to tan deep skin tones look best with Bronzed. 

7. What's in it?

While RCK is not oily or greasy, it does pack ALOT of moisture. It's infused with Sweet Almond Oil, Squalane, and Hyaluronic Acid to make sure even once it's washed off for the night you still have healthy, glowy skin left behind. 

Beauties hope we covered all questions from the most common ones we receive about RCK! Here are some swatch pics so you can get a good look.

RCK Body Glow - Universal $39


RCK Body Glow - Sunkissed $39

RCK Body Glow - Bronzed $39

Want to see who's been rocking RCK? Visit our Insta page @redcarpetkolour and check out this article, where Carrie Underwood shares her simple secrets to toned legs. Psst, RCK is one of them! Any more q's? Drop them in the comments!


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