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The Urban Wanderer Palette

Did you know OFRA Cosmetics is the number #1 supplier to Beauty Schools? You may wonder why we have a range of products from beauty to skincare listed as "Pro". While these products may be labeled as Pro, that doesn't mean they are limited to just those! Anyone is welcomed to dipping into our Pro Palettes. Perfect for full-faces, creativity, and even doing work on others! 

 So, with that being said, it was time to create a brand-new Pro Palette... meet the Urban Wanderer! This palette comes with every eyeshadow shade you could possibly need. From colorful looks to a neutral eye, the looks are endless with this palette! Check out the looks our team created as they were challenged to only use one row or column of color!



Challenge accepted! I got the column with Clay, Dark Brown, Deep Blue, and Bright Green. Visually looking at the colors together in the palette I was a bit intimidated. I went with my norm and hoped for the best. I placed Dark Brown on the outer part of my lids, then used Bright Blue for the mid upper lid, and the blended in Bright Green into the inner part of my lid. I then used a clean brush to blend the colors together. To step out of my comfort zone, I did a cut crease and added Clay for maximum shimmer pay off. I threw on a wing with Verified and HD Volumizing Mascara for the lashes. Rodeo Drive for the glow, Fire Orange for the flushed cheeks, and for lips I used Chestnut, Bal Harbour, and tapped on Smooth.







Look at this smokey eye! I was challenged to use a row with PLENTY of deep, dark shades, but challenge accepted and I create this bomb, sexy eye. This just proves that the Urban Wanderer Palette is ideal for any type of look, whether it be day or night. From Triple Black to Trance, I was able to build an eye look using Dark Brown and Charcoal in the crease, with a touch of Exquisite on the lid. To tie the look together, I popped on Rodeo Drive Highlighter and Chameleon Blush. On my lips, I have Sedona Liquid Lipstick!.



I absolutely love neutral glam, so when I was challenged to use a row with shades I was comfortable with, I was super excited. I first used the shade Champagne to set my eyelid after applying our Eye Gel Primer. This created the perfect base, eliminating any discoloration on my lid. Next, I used the shade Cabernet to define my crease, stamped on the shade Exquisite on my outer and inner portion of my lid for a subtle smokey eye, and then topped off the center of my lid with Crush. This pinky, smokey Halo eye was good to go once I popped on Verified Liquid Liner and HD Volumizing Mascara. I finished off the lippie with new fave combo, Sau Paulo LLLL and Apricot Dreams gloss.


 What looks are you most excited to create with this palette? Let us know in the comments & don't forget to stay up to date with us over on our Instagram at @ofracosmetics.


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