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Tip Tuesday: 3 Fun Ways To Wear Our Highlighters



You know when that highlight bling, it can only mean one thing... it must be an OFRA Highlighter. Our highlighter formula is widely known for its pigment payoff and blinding sheen. We have a wide highlighter shade range that makes it very easy to use in other ways than just highlighting the high points of your face. Keep on reading to see 3 fun ways you can use these "outta this world" highlighters.


#1 - Shimmery Eyeshadow

In need of a shimmery shadow without the glitter fall-out? Our pearl pigment highlighters can also be used as a shimmer shadow. Simply glide on the highlighter onto your eyelids with your finger or brush and diffuse it with the tool of your choice to easily add a fabulous shimmer to any eye look.



#2 - Metallic Eyeliner

Thanks to our liquid-to-baked technology, our highlighters can be turned into high shine metallic pigments when paired with our Makeup Fixer. Get a metallic eyeliner wing by spraying Makeup Fixer onto our Eyeliner Brush #1 and dipping it into your favorite highlighter shade. This duo will become your new favorite go-to for an easy metallic wing. As a bonus, the setting power of our Makeup Fixer will ensure your metallic wing stays in place all day/night long.

#3 - Lip Topper

Level up your lip game by applying our highlighter on top of any of our liquid lipsticks as a topper. This will create an illusion of plumper lips and add a little bit of shine without the need for gloss. My favorite pairing is applying the #OFRAxTaliaMar Soho Highlighter on top of our new shade Palo Alto for a Pumpkin Spice lip.



Which other ways do you use our Highlighters? Feel free to comment below and share with us your fun ways. Until next time, Beauties!



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