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Tip Tuesday: 3 Ways to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Are you a daily washer of your brushes? Every couple of uses? Every couple months? We are not judging! I just wanted to show you 3 simple and useful methods to easily remove either a day's worth of makeup or more. 

#1 Don't wash your brushes every day

While you might think it would be a good thing to wash your brushes after every use, it's not necessary or good for the longevity of your bristles. For the perfect daily disinfectant use our Brush Cleaner & Disinfectant. Spray our disinfectant right onto your brush and swirl the brush head onto a napkin to remove the excess foundation or shadows. This cleaner is also a great solution for a Pro MUA on the job who needs a quick and easy way to disinfect their brushes between applications.

#2 Deep Cleansing

Been recreating those colorful rainbow eye looks lately? Then your brushes definitely need an in-depth cleanse! Mix together a drop of olive oil and dish soap on a mixing palette and swirl your brush right into the mixture to begin releasing all of the pigments from the brush. Rinse with water and repeat if necessary.

#3 Quickie Wash

Need a quick solution for an in-between deep cleaning? Rubbing alcohol is another solution to disinfect your brush and remove pigment. Just don't overdo it with this solution, just like for the skin and hair, alcohol can be overly drying so try not to use it too often, only when necessary.


 Hey Beauties, thanks for joining me for another edition of #TipTuesday. Hope you found these tips helpful. Remember to dry your brushes laying flat. You can put them on top of a towel or paper towel so the water doesn't drip, just do not stand them upright in a cup or brush holder to dry. The water will then be draining directly into your brush handle and not helping your brush's lifespan. 

Let us know any more tips you may have or comment below if you tried any of the above!



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