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Achieve a full-face in 10 steps using the new OFRA Soul Palette


Nowadays we are always on the go. Most of the time we are running late to work, events, dinners you name it. How could we possibly do a full face of makeup and still be on time? Well, don't worry Beauty I got you covered. Achieve a full face look with not three, not two, but ONE all-inclusive palette. You read right Beauty! Our new Soul Pro Palette is sure to meet all of your glam needs. This versatile palette can give you fleeky eyebrows and a poppin' highlight all at once.

Here are 10 easy steps you could follow to achieve a full-faced glam by only using the new OFRA Soul Palette.


Step 1: After applying our Absolute Cover Foundation, I shaped my brows with the shade French Mocha. Then, I applied our Eye Gel Primer to create a base and ensure that my eyeshadow pops.
Step 2: I applied Truffle all over the lid for a natural-toned base.
Step 3: I added depth to my crease with the shade Godiva.
Step 4: To add a little shimmer, I applied Essential to the inner part of my eyelid.
Step 5: You can smoke out your look by adding the same shade you placed on your crease to the bottom part of your lashes. In this case, I used Godiva.
Step 6: No time for falsies? Simply apply our HD Volumizing Mascara for some amped-up lashes.
Step 7: I used the shade Raisin to bronze my face and add some warmth to my look. 
Step 8: I added a soft blush to my cheeks with B-29.
Step 9: Get your glow on with the new highlighter shade Sahara Dawn found exclusively in the Soul Palette.

Step 10: Pop on your favorite lippe. I am currently in love with Palo Alto. Don't forget to seal the deal with some Makeup Fixer to makeup that will last you all day long.


And just like that, you can get that full-faced look by only using the Soul Palette in 10 quick and easy steps. Now it's your turn, try these steps and share your results. Until next time Beauties! 




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