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Tip Tuesday: Take your makeup from Day to Night

Scenario: You’re running late to work and completely forgot about the happy hour plans you made for that night. Time is of the essence and you have no idea how you're going to go from a simple office day look to a night glam that might get you a free drink. Don’t panic, we got you covered! Follow these easy tips to transform your day look from 0 to 100 and conquer the night.





To achieve the ultimate day to night transformation, you want to start with a simple “no-makeup-makeup look” during the day. After your morning skin care routine, you can start off your day look by simply applying a primer that will keep your skin looking supple and naturally radiant throughout the day. We recommend using our Northern Lights Primer, which is a soft-focus primer that will have you glowing without the oiliness. This primer dries to a satin finish that will create a smooth base for your night look. Add a touch of blush to your cheeks for some added color and your base is set!



Go with a soft eye look that can be built up later. For this, we recommend using matte eyeshadow colors. Adding a little bit of depth to the crease and a soft matte color on the whole lid will make your eye look awake during the day and become the perfect base for when it’s time to glam up. Try applying mascara only on the top lashes during the day to keep the eye look soft and clean. We will leave the bottom lashes for the night look. Our HD Volumizing Mascara has a non-irritating formula that will lengthen and define your lashes without clumping. It quickly sets for a no-mess application that will stay put all day.



Keep the lips for your day look very natural so that at night they can be built up to something bolder. Go for a lip gloss or balm to keep the lips nourished throughout the day. Our Lip Gloss Stick would be perfect to keeps your lips with a natural shine all day. It’s made with Vitamin E and refreshing Peppermint Oil that is perfect to wear as a moisturizing balm that lasts for hours. If you want to add more of a tint to your lips you can use your favorite matte Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks and apply a small amount with your finger to add a slight tint.






It's time to begin the transformation and since we have our base ready to go, now we can add more definition to our face by adding bronze and highlight. You can use our Americano Bronzer to warm up your cheekbones and add a sun-kissed warmth to your forehead, décolletage, and even shoulders. Now, you don’t want to add more blush than what you started with, instead, you want to illuminate by adding a highlight to the high points of your face. A fan favorite is our Rodeo Drive Highlighter, a champagne gold, that pays off beautifully on all skin tones.



Now its time to add intensity to your eye look, and since we have a nice matte base on, we can go ahead and transform this look into a sexy smokey eye by adding a darker matte shade to the outer corner and blending it outward. You can now add mascara to your lower lashes for a more dramatic look and even re-touch your top lashes.



Pucker up with bolder lips by adding a poppin’ color. Your smokey eye look would pair so well with a classic red lip. You can start with a lip liner to define the lips and then top it off with your favorite Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick. These bold lips will amp up your look and leave you ready to party all night.



I hope you are now feeling confident in achieving the day to night look taking into consideration these easy tips. If you are wondering how you're going to keep all this makeup in your purse, we recommend you grab @Valelorenbeauty Mixed Face Palette that has all the eye and complexion powders mentioned above. With only this palette and your favorite Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick, you can make this day to night transformation happen and keep that clutch light!

Beauties, want us to share more tip and tricks, or have some you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Leila Aparicio


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