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Tips on Finding the Right Foundation

Posted on 12 July 2016

Tips on Finding the Right Foundation

There can be a lot of confusion and unanswered questions when it comes to deciding which foundation is best for you. Foundation use involves many variables when picking the right one. OFRA is here to help you find the best match for your skin and make it easier for you to shop for your shade. Here’s how:

Does it match your skin?
People often make the mistake of swatching foundations on their arm. However, the best place to get the most accurate skin tone match is to apply it directly to your neck, jaw line or face. Do your best to test it in natural daylight so it will be easier to determine if you picked the wrong color or not.

Does it have the right undertones?
It can be tricky to figure out what your undertone is. Yet, once you find out, you will know what to look for and it will be easier to rule out other options. You will either have a cool, neutral or warm undertone.

Does it work for your skin type?
Do you have oily or combination skin? Use an oil free and lightweight foundation like OFRAs Absolute Cover Silk Peptide Foundation. It is super long lasting and provides incredible coverage that won’t slide off your face. For dry skin, a richer and more hydrating formula works best. OFRA offers a range of liquid, cream, loose powder and pressed powder foundations that can be found by clicking here.

Does it have the right finish?
There are several different finishes when it comes to foundation, depending on what kind of look you’re going for. You can change your entire makeup look by selecting a sheer, dewy, satin, semi-matte or matte finish. If you have oily skin, you’ll want a matte finish to control natural shine. A satin finish works best for normal to dry skin, giving you an in-between dewy and matte look with a smooth, satiny finish. The OFRA Foundation Stick is creamy and oil free with a built in primer so it lasts for hours. It provides a silky texture with sheer to full coverage. It was primarily formulated for contouring and highlighting certain features but can be used as an all over foundation as well.

Does it hold up throughout the day?
Sheer coverage has been known not to last as long as other finishes and needs to be reapplied once or twice a day. Look for a full-coverage or buildable coverage foundation if you want something that’s not going to slide off your face from the heat or give you dry patches. Dry skin demands that you pay attention to it throughout the day. You will know if a particular foundation is wrong for you if it dries up in certain spots or looks drier overall after a few hours of wear. OFRA’s Liquid Foundation is water-based and contains Silicone ACE complex, Aloe Vera, and other ingredients that make it more hydrating than other formulas. It comes in 14 shades and is excellent for dry, normal and combination skin types.

Not sure where to start?
OFRA offers a Foundation Trial Pack of our Absolute Cover Silk Peptide Foundation in a range of shades from light to dark so you can test different colors and find your true match. OFRA makes it easy whether you have oily or dry skin, or cool or warm undertones. When you’ve found your perfect match, click here to place your full size bottle order!

Written by Mariel Fernandez - OFRA Team Member

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