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#TipTuesday: 5 Tips for Applying Makeup to Mature Skin

Have you ever asked yourself at what age your skin is considered mature? As we grow older our skin begins to experience changes, the metabolism of cells becomes slower and the effects of sun exposure, diet, and environmental stressors become more visible. So what are we looking for?! Mature skin can be identified by having drier, finer skin with a lack of tone and firmness, deep wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and age spots. And just like our skin changes over time, our makeup routine should change as well. When it comes to makeup on mature skin, less is more.  Let's cover 5 Tips that will help you master the art of applying makeup to mature skin.



Tip # 1 – It’s all in the Prep


Having a skin care regimen is very important, especially when addressing specific skin concerns that are more visible on mature skin. Yes, applying a lot of makeup can cover most imperfections, but staying away from heavy makeup and achieving a more natural, radiant finish will give the appearance of more youthful skin. Keeping up a routine for healthy skin and focusing on aging factors that are of most concern will make applying glam a breeze and less laborious.

Time to prep! Before any makeup application, it is essential to prime the face. This goes for both young and mature skin. As your skin matures it becomes drier, therefore, priming the face will help retain the moisture and smooth out the skin for a flawless foundation that will last all day. I recommend using either the Absolute Cover Face Primer or the Cool as a Cucumber Primer if you have drier skin and want to use a traditional primer. If you have our Collagen Serum, this product is a super hydrator and can also be used a primer if you want to save a step. What about priming your eyelids? It's a must. Our Eye Gel Primer prevents shadows from settling into the fine lines on your eyelids and shades become more vivid, so you are able to use less and stay away from product overload.


Tip # 2 – Let your brows do the work


The most important and time-consuming part of your makeup is now done! Let's move onto the brows. When the brows have been properly defined, you'll need a lot less overall makeup. Keep your brows simple. Brow shadows and pencils are the easiest brow products to use and tough to mess up or do too much of. I recommend you try OFRA’s Universal Eyebrow Pencil that will help you define, enhance, and shape your brows effortlessly.


Tip # 3 – Keep the eyes soft


You might have guessed this already, but just in case, when you are choosing what eye look to wear remember, less is more. Glitter shadows can be too dramatic for a mature eye. Opting for light browns or taupe shades will avoid an overpowering eye look. If you are going for a night look, use a shadow that has a subtle shimmer. I personally enjoy our Signature Palette Contour Eyes because it has a mix of matte and satin finishes that are perfect to create an elegant eye looks for any occasion. 

While I recommend staying with more of a satin finish over sparkle, makeup above everything should reflect YOU. So if you love sparkle maybe try a strategic placement of it in the inner corner to make your eyes pop without emphasizing other parts of the eyelid.

Want definition? Applying eyeliner on your top lid is the best way to define your eyes. You can use a Q-tip to smudge the line for a softer look. An eyeliner pencil, such as OFRA’s Black Eyeliner Pencil, is much better for a mature eyelid than a liquid liner as you don’t want the liquid to run through your fine lines. Feel free to let your lower lash and waterline be. Defining them can make your eyes look smaller and tired. Don’t forget to give your lashes a boost with our HD Volumizing Mascara! Curl your lashes before applying the mascara, this will help your eye look bigger and more open.


Tip # 4 – Cream products are your new best friends


Not sure which foundation formula is best for mature skin? You will definitely be happy with the results of using a cream or liquid foundation such as our Absolute Cover Foundation. Opting for powder foundations may cause the product to settle easily in fine lines and emphasize texture. Another way you can achieve a smooth finish is by applying your foundation with a damp Perfecting Puff, this tool will provide lighter coverage than a brush. Start with a small amount of product and gradually build up to a soft flattering coverage.

Try to avoid applying blush directly to the apples of cheeks. Instead, you want to apply the blush on the upper part of your cheek in light upward sweeps for a lifted look. Want to warm up things up? Applying our Versatile Matte Bronzer will help you add warmth for a radiant tan finish. Now that your complexion is complete, spray our floral scented Rose Makeup Fixer to set and refresh your makeup for longer wear.


Tip # 5 – Stay away from drying lip formulas


Time to pull this look together with a beautiful pout. Just like prepping the face, it is important to prep your lips before applying any lipstick. This will help your lips retain the moisture they need while wearing your lip product. Our Pure Vitamin E Lipstick is perfect to get this task done! Worried your lipstick will start running after a while? Stay worry-free by lining and filling in your lips with a pencil liner to avoid any possible runaway lipstick.


Who's ready to take on mature skin? We hope that these tips help you to feel more confident when applying your makeup. Tried out these tips? Comment below any tips for mature skin that have worked for you. 


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