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Top 5 Face Highlight Tools

There can never be too many ways to highlight your face. I mean the more the merrier right?! Get your sunglasses ready to protect you from that glow and let's dive into 5 unique ways in which you can apply your face and body highlight using our tools. Beauty, your glow is about to be out of this world!



Ever thought to use our Perfecting Puff to seamlessly blend our your highlight on your face or body? Our makeup highlighters are a liquid-to-baked formula creating a creamy to-the- touch look and feel. Dampen your puff and dab it into the makeup highlight of your choice. No water? Use a pump or two of our Makeup Fixer, which will also help your glow stay put. Simply blend it out on the high points of your face. This will allow for the face highlight to melt into any makeup you have already applied. 



Let's talk about Brush #8884. The crease bush. Crease? Yes! This slightly dense shadow brush provides exactly what you need for that simple summer glow. Different than the Perfecting Puff, this brush allows for a precise glow. It is perfect for applying highlight to the brow bone, inner corner, cupids bow, and tip of the nose. Watch out because that glow will be seen from miles away.



Into layering? Use Brush #22 to sweep on a natural face highlight before using Brush #21. Brush #21, our blending brush, can be used to create a beaming face highlight. If you are looking to build a flawless glow, this brush should be your next go to. Swirl it into your brighter shade and start to layer it on top of the natural base.



Listen up, Beauty, Brush #2 is your next all-one-in favorite. Dip into your fav glow and use this curved brush to hug the highpoints of your face to consistently achieve THAT glow. Use the sharp tip to slide down your nose and snatch it. There are endless ways in which this brush can be used to blend your face anyway you want it.



And finally… your one and only… finger! That's right. OFRA Cosmetics highlighters are so creamy and easy to apply that all you need is your finger. Looking for the quickest way out the door? All you have to do is open the compact and dip your finger in. Use the included mirror to touch on your eyelids, the tip of your nose, and just about anywhere else on the face. 


Looking for even more?! Check out our Donut Day Blog where I dive into applying Glazed Donut with two of my other go-to brushes. Beauty, you are sure to find the tool that's right for you! Let us know in the comment section your highlighting technique!

Written by: Rachel Fleischman


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