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6 Tips For Wearing Bold Lips

6 Tips For Bold Lips

We love a good lipstick at OFRA. Our Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick formula is all about comfort-first, but we never forget style. Our newest liquid lipstick collection, 3-Oh-Vibes, is all about our hometown of Miami and what a tropical fall feels like. While we love a PSL, mix that with some Miami Spice, some humidity, and a hint of beach and you'll know exactly the vibe: BOLD. So, we've curated our favorite bold lip tips featuring 3-Oh-Vibes because we shouldn't be afraid to try something a little out of our comfort zone!

1. Exfoliate

apply exfoliating primer

Beautiful makeup looks start with skin care and a bold lip is no different. Bold lips can really highlight our lips so we want to make sure they are smooth and not dried out. The best thing about our Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick formula is that it has Vitamin E and natural cosmetic pigments that don't dry our lips, but we still want to start out with a fresh pout. We like to start our routine with our Lip Exfoliator. Packaged like a bullet lipstick this exfoliating balm glides onto the lips buffing away dry skin without needing to be rinsed off.

2. Start with a clean slate

Cover lips in foundation for perfect base

Just like you prime your skin before foundation or your eyelids before eyeshadow, priming your lips before a bold lip ensures the shade is as bold and bright as possible. Using a dash of your foundation or concealer and bouncing it onto the lips creates an even canvas for a bold shade and does not allow the natural shade of your lip to change the undertone or morph the shade.

3. Pick the right shade

All nudes were not created equal and neither are bold shades. Whether you are wearing a red, purple, or olive green, choose a shade with the right undertone for your skin. Yellow undertones can be balanced with more blue undertones and vice versa with cooler undertones, warm brights can be pulled off best.

4. To line or not to line

Perfectly line with our Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick applicator

Lining is always recommended for bold colors for lasting power and making sure they stay put. If you are using one of Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks skipping out on liner is definitely OK. Our applicator is very precise and can be used to outline the lips; because our formula is super-pigmented but stays put you should have no issues with staying power throughout the day.

5. Set it and forget it

Blot lips as the final step to bold lips

Our Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick formula moves with the lips and is the reason it is so comfortable unlike other liquid lipstick formulas that are drying and leave lips chapped. When you are wearing brights and bold colors you definitely don't want them moving so here are two ways you can set your lips for the long haul: powder or blotting. With a translucent powder and a makeup sponge, tap the powder on the lips. Another great way to set your bold shades is to simply blot them with a tissue or paper towel several minutes after applying.

6. Matching your bold lip

Super simple eyeshadow look with just bronzer

Being bold is a statement. The most important ingredient to a bold lip is the confidence to match. Pick a simple makeup look that will really make your lips standout! We love a simple eyeshadow across the lid with bronzer or an inky winged liner that you can easily accomplish with our liquid liner pen, Verified. Not a wing expert? Check out this video that breaks down eyeliners.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free Liquid Lipstick at OFRA Cosmetics

Hey Beauties, are you ready to go bold?! Let us know in the comments if you use any of the tips to go for the bold or if you have any tips you want us to try, let us know! Our newest collection 3-Oh-Vibes has a little bit of spice, nudes, bolds, and brights. Check out the swatch video below with the OFRA Team so you can find your new favorite shade.


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