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Travel Approved: The OFRA Team Talks Travel Essentials

The OFRA Social Team is packing up and headed to NYC! We’ll be attending Ipsy’s Gen Beauty, with a brand new booth and brand new packaging. We cannot wait to see you Beauties who will be there!  Since we’ll be traveling from our headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida, we wanted to share our OFRA travel essentials. It’s always a stressful task to pack up your beauty routine when leaving town, but here at OFRA we make that struggle a breeze with some of our most versatile products.  Whether you’re gone for a day or a week, we got you covered with must-have travel essentials ;)


What’s in Melanie’s travel bag?

I always pack my traveling essentials in our Perfecting Beauty Bag because it is the PERFECT size and seems like you can fit more than you planned on taking.

I cannot go anywhere without my Collagen Serum. I use this every morning and every night, and when my skin gets dry from airplanes, this serum literally saves my skin every single time. Plus all of our serums are under 3 oz, so TSA friendly! Sometimes I’ll even apply some Collagen Serum in the bathroom on the plane if I can feel the moisture being sucked right out of my skin while we fly LOL

A few other of my travel essentials are the Free Spirit Palette, Babydoll Lipliner, and I can’t go anywhere without my Wet & Dry Foundation Signature Palette, I use it to touch up any areas on my skin that I need extra coverage and it is the absolute best to set under eye concealer... especially after you’ve had a long night and need that extra brightening.

What’s in Daniela’s travel bag?

Boho Palette is a must to me, it’s the perfect palette to travel with because it has everything to create a complete look. It has the perfect colors to make either a day or night look and has the Americano Bronzer which I use to contour and Banana powder to brighten/ set my under eyes. I use Charm as my blush and Blissful as my highlight (which is one of my favs) and tah-dah, I have a whole look by just using the Boho Palette :).

I will also bring the SoFlo Collection LLLL because they are my current favorites.

For skin care definitely the Vitamin C Cleanser. It just helps me wash off my makeup so well and leaves my skin so fresh and clean. My Blemish Treatment Mask is also something I will for sure be taking with me so I can put on any breakouts and sleep with the night before the show to try to have the best skin possible (since I am struggling so badly right now with my skin). It helps a lot.

And last but not least, the Collagen Serum... I put it on before going to sleep. I like to think that it just helps plump my skin and its never to early to start using any products to help with aging. I also put it on before my primer, I swear it helps keep my face a bit more matte and my makeup stays on longer and nicer throughout the day.

What’s in Joselyne’s travel bag?

Oil-free Moisturizer because #tsa and it comes in a tube which makes it easy and SANITARY for me to reapply on the plane. Also, my forehead's been breaking out lately so I can't do any heavy moisturizers at the moment which makes it perfect for moisturizing without the breakout. I do a little bit on my forehead and a LOT on the rest of my face :)

Vitamin E Lipstick is also essential as well as Universal Eyebrow Pencil because even tho I'm not wearing makeup on the plane, my eyebrows need to look cute.

My Perfecting beauty bag in lavender is a must-have to keep everything in one place (it fits EVERYTHING and it's the cutest color IMO).

The Boho Palette - I can do an easy eye look and essentially my entire face with it. I also can't forget my new holiday favorites, the Toasted Cashmere Palette - I've been emotionally attached to Cheer since it came out- and All of the Lights because Star Island and Pillow Talk are my go to's. For lippies, I am bringing Las Olas, Brickell, and Harlem - I need a brown, red and dark lipstick with me at ALL TIMES and last but not least, Cleanse it Off Wipes, Vitamin C Cleanser (my all time fave) and Fruit Acid Lotion.

What’s in Carine’s travel bag?

I cannot travel without my Vitamin C Cream, Vitamin C Foaming Cleanser and the essentials to do a full face of makeup :) But, if you didn't see our Facebook Live last week I tend to overpack (we did a what's in my bag challenge and I looked like a major hoarder although I'm not, funny enough). So I 95% off the time check a bag in when traveling for more than two days.

The “essentials bag” I bring on the plane, literally with me, and that I always take is our Vitamin C Cream and Peptide SIlk C Serum as my skin gets so dry when traveling. I also always have handy a couple of Universal Eyebrow Pencils on me. The rest I risk and pray to the glowing heavens that they don't lose my checked bag ;) Maybe I should start to pack lighter? Haha!

What’s in Mariel’s travel bag?

This is the most stressful part of traveling for me! I always end up taking more than I need cause a girl needs options right? Our Perfecting Beauty Makeup Bag is a perfect size and holds a ton of product in there!

I will definitely be taking my personally made palette for a full face (check it out on FB Live!) that includes Bellini Blush, Versatile Matte Bronzer, Mini Star Island Highlighter and an assortment of Eyeshadows. You can also find our HD Volumizing Mascara (a must have), an eyelash curler, a few lipliners- most likely Spicy, Plum and Chestnut (my faves), Universal Eyebrow Pencil and of course my brushes in my bag! I’ll also need to have a different lip color for each day- obviously- so a nude, red, and vampy shade. I’m thinking Verona, Brickell, and Brooklyn, maybe a few extras just in case I change my mind ;)

For skin, I need my Cool as a Cucumber primer/moisturizer- I can use this before my makeup and also at night as a moisturizer. Mini Makeup Fixer will for sure be in my bag to make sure my makeup stays on point all day, I can also use this before and during the flight to give my skin a refresher and keep it hydrated. And at the end of the day, I can take it all off with our Cleanse it Off Wipes. My Mini Skincare Kit in Normal has all my cleansing, toning, moisturizing and masking needs that come conveniently in a small bag and are all under 3 OZ so TSA won’t need to search my bag this time around!


Stay tuned for behind the scenes footage of our trip to NY and Gen Beauty on our social media and don’t forget to stop by the booth if you’re in the area! We’ll be having some amazing discounts and a meet and greet at our booth with the lovely Christen Dominique this Saturday! Use hashtag #OFRAGB if you are at the event so we can see all your awesome pictures and potentially repost your photos on our account. See you there beauties.


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