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Travel-Friendly OFRA Products


Travel-Friendly OFRA Products

What the SM Team Packed for Gen Beauty NYC


Traveling, whether for business or pleasure, always seems to be a mix of both stress and fun. Personally, I’m never totally sure what the luggage protocol is for any given airline so I prefer to pack light. Travel-sized skincare and makeup items are not only adorable but also help free up extra space in your carry-on bag (i.e. more room for clothes and shoes!). The OFRA SM Team is heading to NYC for Gen Beauty today and we wanted to share with you the travel-friendly products we brought along with us. Hopefully we can make your next trip more fun and less stressful with the following travel gems by OFRA.


Skincare Kits (Dry, Normal, Oily)



Sticking to your daily skincare routine during travel is essential for your skin’s health. Altitude dries and dulls the skin so moisture is key. OFRA offers three kits geared towards dry, normal and oily skin types. Each kit contains seven travel-friendly products: an eye makeup remover, cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and two masks. Our SM team has vastly different skin types so these will come in handy this weekend. These items are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients to moisturize and enliven the skin after your flight, especially if you take-off super early (ours is at 6:00am today).



Four Shades of Romance Collection



The Four Shades of Romance Collection features three of our most-loved liquid lipstick shades plus one limited edition shade exclusive to the pack. The tubes themselves are pocket-sized (with surprisingly 2 grams more product than the retail size), making them a perfect on the go product that will last throughout numerous trips. The shade range is extremely versatile and includes a classic red, orange-red, berry pink and coral pink -suitable for all occasions.



iPalette Mini


The iPalette Mini is the perfect travel companion for your favorite single eyeshadows. It comes with six rectangular shades that can be removed and replaced with your preferred shades. Select up to nine go-to shades (make sure they are 2 gram magnetic godets) so you can only bring the essentials on your trip. Place the godets into the magnetic mini palette and you’re ready. The compact palette can fit up to nine 2 gram eye shadows.



Check out OFRA’s Ultimate Multitaskers article to make the most of your travel items and free up even more space in your makeup bag.



What are your favorite Beauty travel products?
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Written by Justine D'Addio - OFRA Team Member


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