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Ways To Rescue Your Makeup

Ways To Rescue Your Makeup

It can be such a pain when our favorite make-up goes dry, or cracks into pieces from being dropped on the floor or whatever horrifying stories we have with our makeup, how about a broken favorite lipstick? It’s dreadful and we often just get rid of the products because we give up fixing them but we spend good money on these products and certainly shouldn’t just toss them when things get rough! There are solutions to these problems and OFRA is here to help!


  • Broken eyeshadows or cracked compact powder items are a nightmare! But this simple household item can save the day. With just a bit of high percentage alcohol to mix in with your broken up pigment it will turn the product into a paste that makes it easy to mold back into shape. Make sure the entire product is broken up into a complete loose powder before adding alcohol. Using a spoon or coin wrapped in cloth to press down into the original pod it will take its shape again- really anything to smooth over the product. Let it sit or put in the fridge to set before using.
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  • When it comes to broken lipsticks there are two things you can do:
  1. If you have a lip pot handy, small container or palette pan, melt lipstick down in the microwave (be careful not to boil!), smooth out product in desired container and let it cool. If you used a metal pan you can now add it to your OFRA iPalette that is magnetic and perfect to keep all your goodies in one place! Apply with a brush like OFRA’s Brush #10 (or your finger) and you’re ready to go!
  2. Your second choice would be to carefully heat up your lipsticks broken end with a lighter or match and attach to the other broken end in the tube. Melt the sides to blend in with the rest of the lip stick. Let it cool or put it in the fridge to cool down and it’s like new!
  • Old or dried up liquid eye liners and mascaras? Get the most out of your product with OFRA’s Fix-it. Simply add a couple drops of our silicone based specialized formula and it will bring an old or dried up product you have lying around back to life! This product is a must have!
What makeup saving tips have you tired? Share below by commenting! 
Written by Mariel Fernandez - OFRA Team Member


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