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We Used Everything in the By Samantha March Collection

Beauties, we've been zooming and keep our beauty routines pretty light these days (except for the occasional dress-up dinner at our local kitchen bar...literally the countertop in our kitchen) so our newest collab with Samantha March has become an easy go-to. These 2-in-1 products are so versatile and work for everyone from our office. Check out what everyone is loving and how they're mixing it in with their routine below! 


I used Samantha's collection for my whole look today. I used the River bronzer and Chik Lit Duos on my eyes, and all the products on my face mixing Start Inspired for my highlight. I also used Story on my lips with our chestnut lip liner, I love this lip combo! 


This collection is what dreams are made of!! I mean, I knew that but now I know for sure after using every product and seeing how versatile and multi-use the collection is! I used "Chik-Lit" for my blush, "River" to contour my face and "Start Inspired" as a highlighter. The reason I said it's so versatile is because I also used those three compacts as the only colors on my eyes! I started with "Start Inspired" (pun intended) in the inner corner of my eyes "Chik-Lit" in the outer v and "River" underneath my lash line. If you are looking for a TRUE muted mauve you definitely have to get your hands on "Story"! But, my favorite product from this collection which I added over the liquid lipstick "Story" is the gloss "Millie"! It is the most magical gloss we have ever created!! This collection is a 10 out of 10 in my "book" ;)


I really enjoy all of the duos in this collection because they are all practical products I use every day. While I have been using pretty much all of these products daily I do have two products that stand out the most for me! I already knew I loved her highlighter from the first time we released it. It combines my two most used shades so it is great to pack when I'm doing my makeup on the go. I also have been loving the Story Lipstick from the lip duo. While I love my mauves I've always been a brown nude lip girl but I have been reaching for Story so much lately! I feel like it's perfect for spring and can't put it down! 



For my look, I used the entire collection. I have to say I’m a huge fan of the collection because I love makeup for the face (highlight, bronzer, powder, blush) So needless to say it was love at first sight. I love the colors on River and Chick-lit so much that I just can’t accept the fact that I have to use it only on my cheeks, therefore I created an eye look as well! Hope you guys like this look, i had fun creating it!




Do you have any favorites? What do you want to try?! Beauties, let us know in the comments below and anything else you want to know about this collection. Stay safe.


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