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WFH? Prep For Your Video Meetings Like A Pro

Whether you are working from home and conferencing with co-workers or video chatting to keep up with friends and family, video has become essential during these times to stay connected while we are apart. While we don't all have studio setups at home like our favorite Youtubers, here are some tips for looking like you do IRL  over a webcam.

 1. Pick a good background 

While picking your background for your call will enhance your viewer's experience, this one is also all about you! Just like looking good when you go to work can boost your confidence, having a nice work environment at home can do the same thing. Set yourself up next to a window, add a plant, some books, a candle to really set the mood (even if it's work mood). Keep it simple though, you don't want your background to be too overwhelming.

2. Good lighting is a gamechanger

YouTubers know how to do this one so right, but we don't all have 4 lighting arms and backgrounds just waiting at home for this moment. If you have access to a window, set yourself up in front of it so that the light is not coming into your face. One problem, now you will appear darker than your background. Make sure there is some type of overhead lighting near you so that you are not overexposed to balance out the light behind you. No window? Go to the most spacious room in the house where light can be reflected in a vast amount of space. This might make the sound more difficult, but we can correct that by adding some extra furniture around you or putting down some pillows. You can also use a ring light set up for your phone if you are in a smaller space and have darker lighting.

3. Angles matter

If you're on your laptop you might not have the greatest control over your angles, but the best angle, and this goes for Selfies too, is the chin being down, which means the camera should be slightly above you. On a laptop, you will be head-on to the camera which is not great, but if you can manage to sit slightly lower than the table you are sitting at than you'll be good to go. You never want the camera below you! That will completely distort you and it's just not a great look. 

 4. Get dressed like a casual day at work

 You don't have to wear a power suit for your conferences, but pretend it's Friday and it's business casual. Leave those messy buns behind and keep your makeup simple. Add a transition shade to your lid to give it some depth, add mascara, a hint of blush, and some lipstick and you'll look refreshed, but not over the top. It's like a first date, you want to try, but not too hard where you don't seem like yourself. 

 Keep all these tips in mind when that next Zoom Bday party invite arrives in your inbox. Beauties, do you have any tips for setting up like a pro? Let us know in the comments below!


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