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What's New at OFRA


What better way to bring in the new year than with new skincare from OFRA? You may have seen us sneak peeking these items on snapchat and Instagram asking what your thoughts were so we're here to spill the tea! It’s only fitting that we bring you the news on National Winter Skin Relief Day. As temps drop, skin care routines become even more personalized as many of us range from normal, to dry, to oily, to combination, and acne-prone skin while having other variations of skin issues such as hyperpigmentation and red spots. Here at the OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories in sunny South Florida (we know it’s not fair), we’ve created three unique products that can be used for everyone!


As the whole country experiences unusually cold temperatures and blizzards for days, we’ve even been hit with a cold front here in Florida (brrrrr!), skin is more prone to drying out and losing moisture no matter your skin type, and hydration is essential to healthy skin.


Our three new products include the Energizing Elixir, which is a prepping solution that recharges the skin, the Perfecting Elixir, which acts as a toner and micellar water, and the Cool as a Cucumber moisturizing and mattifying all-in-one primer, which will be essential during the winter months especially with its hydrating, yet non-greasy formula that locks in moisture.


Each of these unique products contains amazing skin loving ingredients not commonly found in their categories. They will be available on on January 9th at 1 pm EST so stay tuned for even more details!



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