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Dreaming of the perfect gloss for the upcoming hot summer months? One that’s not too sticky, but has staying power? Look no further because the OFRA Lip Glosses are THE product to turn to this summer. Heavier products like lipstick aren’t necessarily suitable for a summer day lounging by the pool, so glosses are the perfect product to add into your summer makeup routine. They have the perfect texture and feel almost like a balm on the lips; you can wear them all day long without any discomfort.  From light pinks to bright purples, this collection will definitely have you covered color-wise. Not sure which color to choose? Take our lip gloss quiz here to find your perfect matches.


The variety of nudes available means that every skin tone can find their perfect “your lips but better color,” along with additional shades that will lighten or darken any lip look.  OFRA Mocha is the warmest of the nudes, making it especially flattering for dark and deep skin tones.  If you fall in the medium skin tone range, OFRA Natural will be your ideal peachy nude and OFRA Pink Panther will be your ideal pinky nude.  If you’re light to fair, the peachy pink OFRA Cherry Mocha will suit you best.  OFRA Luminous Lips is a clear shade that you can add on top of any lip product to make it glossy without adding color.  OFRA Golden Rose is that just-right, light, shimmery pink that can be added to the center of your lips to make them look fuller.

Diana, a member of the OFRA team, wearing OFRA Mocha Lip Gloss!

Ashley, a member of the OFRA team, wearing OFRA Natural Lip Gloss!

Full-opacity bold lip shades can be a nightmare to deal with: you need to make sure they don’t bleed, feather, smudge, or come off altogether the second you eat or drink.  Getting a glossy hint of striking color will leave you with a stunning lip look you don’t need to check up on-- just swipe it on, throw it in your purse, and go about your day!  OFRA Spicy is a fiery, shimmering red that you can wear alone or over a red lip to take it to the next level.  OFRA Truffle is a luxurious golden brown gloss that will instantly give you 90s J Lo vibes and, honestly, who doesn’t want that?  Speaking of the 90s, if you want a super shimmery, gold lip, OFRA Copper is the shade for you. It can also be used in the center of your lips like OFRA Golden Rose for a plumping effect. OFRA Sunshine is just as bright and yellow as the name suggests; you can wear it alone to make a statement or use it to warm up other lip colors. OFRA Babydoll is a sweet, silvery purple that’s a more elevated, mature version of the tube glosses you no doubt used in large amounts in middle school. OFRA Bordeaux will create an uber-sophisticated, wine-colored stain on your lips-- no bottle required.    

Annika, a member of the OFRA team, wearing OFRA Spicy Lip Gloss!

A flirty pink lip is especially appropriate in the summertime. OFRA Orchid is OFRA Babydoll’s lighter, pinkier little sister. Though it looks more purple in the packaging, it shows up on the lips as a cool pink with a subtle silver shine.  OFRA Glamour Pink also falls within the purple family, so if you’re looking for a more cool-toned gloss without shimmer, it’s definitely the shade for you.  OFRA Chill Pink and OFRA Love are the true pinks of the collection; Chill Pink has warmer, brown undertones whereas Love is more of a hot, bright pink with shimmer throughout. OFRA Apricot Dream is a true peach that doesn’t have the brown undertones of the nude glosses, acting as a brighter alternative to a shade like OFRA Natural.

Mariela, a member of the OFRA team, wearing  OFRA Glamour Pink Lip Gloss!

Get glossy this summer with our wide variety of shades that will fit perfectly in your purse, travel case, or beach bag. The best part? They smell as good as they look, so you’ll get an extra treat each time you put them on.

Written by Annika Polatsek


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