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Beyond the Product

Beyond the Product 

Ginko Biloba Extract

by Vincent Laurino April 10, 2014

Welcome to the first installment of Beyond the Productwhere we dive into ingredients found in some of our beloved OFRA products. Many of us take little to no time to think about ingredients in skin care and cosmetics. Browsing your local drug store for bargain deals and pretty packaging, sometimes the actual product may be an...

New Product: OFRA Peptide Complex Series

New Product: OFRA Peptide Complex Series

Written by: Vincent Laurino

Our research team here at OFRA Labs has been quite busy in recent months. First we brought you BB & DD Creamsand then it was our Fixline Eyeliner Gel in funky cool colors. But this train hasn’t reached its destination yet. Skin care & wrinkle reversal is the next stop on our list and you don’t want to miss out!


Infusing our...

Peptides: OFRA has your answers

Peptides: OFRA has your answers

OFRA Absolute Cover Silk Peptide Foundation

Ever wonder what in the world a peptide is???


Our Silk Peptide Foundation (left) joins anti-aging skincare with our long-lasting makeup. You get beautiful all day coverage while the foundation improves your skin. 

What more can you ask for?


At first, I heard the word peptide and automatically got confused. What is it? So...

New Product! - Cheeky

Cheeky - The Cheek Bone Enhancer

Hey Beauties, If you haven't noticed OFRA has been busy lately with some new products. This is the first installment covering Cheeky - The Cheek Bone Enhancer. Cheeky enhances cheekbones with an easy-to-use, iridescent loose powder designed to create a more pronounced, slimmer, defined, and alluring look. Complete your makeup application with a touch of accentuated...

Lets Blog

Welcome beauties!

This post marks the birth of a new era here at OFRA. Stay tuned and get the trends and the tips that let you perfect your beauty. From the latest color-do's and don'ts to perfecting your application technique, you'll find it here.
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