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FORT LAUDERDALE January 1, 2020 -- OFRA Cosmetics is launching its first all liquid-to-baked eyeshadow palette inspired by nostalgia for what used to be IRL only. The Glitch Palette reimagines and takes its name from the Millennium glitch that never happened, Y2K. All the shades in the palette are shimmery and cool-toned and match the holographic exterior of the first OFRA 9-piece cardboard palette. The Glitch Palette and all of the colors are perfectly curated for Monday-Friday Throwbacks and the electric tones of the late 90’s and early 2000s. 
Magnetic, refillable, and easy-to-carry, this palette is perfect for travel and for a wash of color on the lids or a real pop.

For that added Millennium vibe, pair this palette with OFRA’s newest Lip Gloss shade, brb. These icy metallics add the juicy-fresh finish to any static-free glam.

Glitch Palette $29
No more 404 pages ever in this first-of-its-kind full palette of liquid-to-baked eyeshadows with feedback that your lids will love. 

What’s inside:

(Left to right, top to bottom)
Arcade (metallic mint green)
Y2K (cool gold metallic with shimmer)
Dial-Up (smokey indigo blue metallic)
Mood Ring (aqua blue metallic)
Rhinestones (snow white metallic with shimmer)
4ever (deep amethyst metallic)
Beeper (metallic steel gray with shimmer)
Easy Bake (cool bubblegum pink metallic with shimmer)
Ice Ice Baby (silver metallic)
Apply to the lid with a dry shadow brush or dampen the brush for a bolder look.

brb $15 
Put them on ice for a few when you wear this icy lavender.

Launching January 1, 2020 on
All OFRA Cosmetics’ products are made to order, including the Glitch Palette, and are 100% vegan. No animal testing is done at the OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories. The company prides itself on being cruelty-free and committed members of both PETA and Leaping Bunny.


About OFRA Cosmetics:
Founded in 1994, OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories are leading innovators within the beauty industry. Cutting-edge products are manufactured using natural ingredients, such as plant, marine and vegetable extracts, Vitamin C, and organic compounds. While swooned over by celebrities and industry professionals, OFRA is an accessible, affordable brand for every level of beauty consumer. For more information visit