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FORT LAUDERDALE February 14, 2020 -- OFRA Cosmetics is launching all-new eyeshadow palettes inspired by our best-selling and most loved highlighter shades. To kick-off the season of love, Sweet Dreams and Galaxy are filled with endless ethereal looks featuring Pillow Talk (soft pearl pink) and Neptune (icy lavender). Each palette has 4 all-new shades that bring out the essence of the highlighter shade in the center, to create everything from monochromatic looks to single washes of color.  

Pack light and include Sweet Dreams and Galaxy into your Spring wardrobe as these palettes are compact and with a full-size mirror.   

To make the perfect match, pair each of these palettes with OFRA’s newest Lip Gloss shades, Myth and Supernova. Myth, a soft pearl pink shimmer, was created with the same pearl from Pillow Talk Highlighter, giving it an intense shine, and Supernova, an opaque violet magenta, is a one-swipe wonder. Couple up your glam with these glitzy finishes for stellar looks.

Sweet Dreams $32
You won’t want to fall asleep on this eyeshadow palette of cozy peaches and rosy shades featuring Pillow Talk Highlighter.

What's Inside:
(Left to right)
Dreamcatcher (soft peach with a matte finish) 
Snooze (coral nude with a matte finish) 
Pillow Talk (soft pearl pink, which can be used as a highlighter or eyeshadow) 
Crush (coral pink shimmer) 
Trance (sienna brown with a matte finish)

Apply to the lid with a dry shadow brush or dampen the brush for a bolder look.

Galaxy $32
Glow for more and beyond in this eyeshadow palette of cool lavenders and deep purple shades featuring Neptune Highlighter.
What's inside:
(Left to right)
Milky Way (duo-chrome pink-lavender) 
Stellar (pinkish-lilac with a satin finish) 
Neptune (icy lavender, which can be used as a highlighter or eyeshadow ) 
Eclipse (true violet with a matte finish) 
Orion (purple with a blue metallic shift)
Apply to the lid with a dry shadow brush or dampen the brush for a bolder look.
Myth $15
Made of the legendary Pillow Talk Highlighter pearl, this soft pearl pink shimmer will become your new holy grail.
Supernova $15
Put your glam into orbit with this opaque violet magenta inspired by the interplanetary shades of the Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette.

Available February 14, 2020 at 1PM EST on

All of OFRA Cosmetics’ high-quality products, including The Inspired Signature Collection, are health department approved and hypoallergenic. No animal testing is done in OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories and the entire line is vegan. OFRA Cosmetics prides itself on being an animal cruelty-free company as members of both PETA and Leaping Bunny.

About OFRA Cosmetics:

Founded in 1994, OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories are leading innovators within the beauty industry. Cutting-edge products are manufactured using natural ingredients, such as plant, marine and vegetable extracts, Vitamin C, and organic compounds. While swooned over by celebrities and industry professionals, OFRA is an accessible, affordable brand for every level of beauty consumer. For more information visit