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FORT LAUDERDALE June 16, 2020 -- OFRA Cosmetics is launching the next two eyeshadow palettes from the Inspired Collection. This collection features eyeshadow palettes inspired by and featuring our best-selling and most adored highlighter shades. The summer sizzle is upon us and so are longer days to brighten up with pops of color and warm bronzey looks. Beachside and Getaway epitomize summertime fun featuring Star Island (warm ivory) and Bali (peachy gold). Each palette brings out the essence of the highlighter shade in the center to create everything from monochromatic looks to single washes of color. 

Summer vacation may be closer to home this year, but keep your looks fresh and easy with Beachside and Getaway, which are compact and feature a full-size mirror.   

Searching for a summer fling? Pair these palettes with Lip Gloss shades, Bare and Bali. Bare, is an opaque neutral nude that goes with any eye look, and Bali, just like its highlighter shade, is an intense rosy copper that can be worn on its own or paired with any lipstick.  

Beachside Signature Eyeshadow Palette $32
Graphic, but make it fashion in this eyeshadow palette of brights and shimmers featuring Star Island Highlighter. 

What’s inside:
(Left to right)

Aquarius (soft aqua with shimmer) 
Bright Yellow (electric yellow)
Star Island (warm ivory)
Country Road (creamsicle orange)
Pink Lady (a bright fuchsia)


Apply to the lid with a dry shadow brush or dampen the brush for a bolder look.

Getaway Signature Eyeshadow Palette $32
Stay in or glow away in this eyeshadow palette of golden metallics and warm mattes featuring Bali Highlighter. 

What’s inside:

(Left to right)

Eden (metallic cream with gold shimmer) 
Bittersweet (peach)
Bali (golden highlight with peach undertones)
Blaze (rusty peach metallic) 
Raisin (warm brown with a hint of sheen)


Apply to the lid with a dry shadow brush or dampen the brush for a bolder look.

Lip Gloss Bare $15 Each 
Show off your best asset in this neutral nude gloss that’s hydrating and extra juicy.

Lip Gloss Bali $15 Each 
Bronze your lips in this rosy copper with gold shimmer inspired by Bali Highlighter. 

Launching June 16, 2020 on