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FORT LAUDERDALE July 29, 2020 -- OFRA Cosmetics is launching an all-new Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick trio created in collaboration with Beauty Reviewer JenLuvsReviews. For Jen creating this collab was not just about her love for OFRA’s liquid lipstick and personally aligning with the brand. She wanted to create something that would enhance a makeup wardrobe in more than one way.

Jen describes the collab in her own words:

OFRA has been one of my favorite brands for years and it was such an honor to work with them to design this set for you.

Sometimes a little change can make a big difference…

No one wants to have makeup products sitting around that we will never use. The lipstick that’s a little too bright or a little too orange or a little too purple…

All it needs is a little metamorphosis.

The three transformative shades in the Metamorphosis Trio were designed specifically to bring lipsticks toward a natural skin tone and, in that, expand your ability to wear the “less wearable” lipsticks in your makeup bag. Use them with liquid lipsticks, bullet lipsticks, or even lip glosses to transform them into your ideal shade. The only limit is your imagination….

Let it fly free!

Metamorphosis Long Lasting Liquid Lip Set $50

Remix your lipstick wardrobe with this trio of Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks to add depth, lighten, or change the undertone of any lip product

What’s inside:
Revive (a pale neutral with peach and pink undertones)
Refine (a neutral mocha nude with mauve undertones)
Reimagine (a deep neutral mocha brown)

8g each

Launching July 29, 2020

All OFRA Cosmetics’ products are made to order and are 100% vegan. No animal testing is done at the OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories. The company prides itself on being cruelty-free and committed members of both PETA and Leaping Bunny.


OFRAxJenLuvsReviews Metamorphosis Lip Set

MSRP: $50

Item Code: 35027

Barcode: 693102350274

Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick - Revive

MSRP: $20

Item code: 35026 

Barcode: 693102350267

Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick - Refine

MSRP: $20

Item code: 35024 

Barcode: 693102350243

Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick - Reimagine

MSRP: $20

Item code: 35025 

Barcode: 693102350250


About OFRA Cosmetics:

Founded in 1994, OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories are leading innovators within the beauty industry. Cutting-edge products are manufactured using natural ingredients, such as plant, marine and vegetable extracts, Vitamin C, and organic compounds. While swooned over by celebrities and industry professionals, OFRA is an accessible, affordable brand for every level of beauty consumer. For more information visit