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Eye Makeup

Frame it out.

Whether you go for a smokey eye, a cut crease, or bushy brows, the eyes are the star of the show. At OFRA, we’ve got an assortment of colors, palettes, and products to make your peepers pop.

What are the different kinds of eyeshadows you have?

We have so many options when it comes to eye makeup. Whether you love a wash of color all over the lids, warm or cool tones, shimmers or mattes, smokey or natural, winged out or glittery, we have an eyeshadow that will match your OOTD or your mood. Check out our blog on how to make any eye look fit any eye shape here. OFRA eyeshadows come in a variety of different options including singles, palettes, and godets. All OFRA palettes and compacts are easily refillable or interchangeable making them a great option for those that love customization.

How much are eyeshadows? What size eyeshadows do you have?

Eyeshadow Compact 4g
Eyeshadow Godet Refill 4g
Eyeshadow Godet Refill 2g

Is there eyeshadow only palettes available?

Our eyeshadows come in two different format palettes. We have our signature palettes that contain 5 shades to create seamless eye looks, or in a larger 20 shade format, we have our Pro Palettes that can be used to create a slew of looks that slay, like when our social team challenged themselves to use every color in our Must Have Mattes Palette.
Signature Palette- Contour Eyes
Signature Palette- Smokey Eyes
Signature Palette- Exquisite Eyes
Signature Palette- Radiant Eyes
Signature Palette- Irresistible Smokey
Pro Palette- Dazzling Diamonds
Pro Palette- Eyeshadow
Pro Palette- Must Have Mattes
Pro Palette- Bright Addictions

What brow products does OFRA carry?

From our Universal Eyebrow Pencil to our Eyebrow Gel, OFRA offers an array of brow products that perform all day. Our products suit wear from a day at work to an evening out with a stop at your fave ballet barre class. Want the perfect shade? For a natural color selection try our Eyebrow Gels. We also offer an array of eyeliner pencils and numerous colors for the rainbow brow fanatic or hair color enthusiast. If you prefer an eyeshadow consistency we also offer our Signature Palette- Eyebrow Quintet. The palette consists of a variety of colors for most brow tones. To complete the look, we’ve made application a breeze with our OFRA angled brush.

How much do OFRA brow products cost?

Universal Eyebrow Pencil
Eyebrow Gel
Signature Eyebrow Quintet
Eyeliner Pencil

What’s the best way to fill in my brows?

Filled, Naturally. All of our OFRA brow products can be used to fill brows to achieve a natural-looking face. Whether you are looking for a subtle, super long-lasting, or a more dramatic deeply filled-in brow we have a product to help you create your perfect brow. For a more natural look, try our Universal Eyebrow Pencil to give shape to your brows and fill them in with light feathery strokes. The Eyebrow Signature Quintet can be used wet or dry to fill brows and create more density with the aid of one of our OFRA collection brushes. For bolder, deeply filled-in brows our Eyebrow Gel is a semi-permanent product and will last until washed off with a cleanser.

How is a brow pencil used?

Brow pencils are best used for filling in and defining the shape of the brow. The pencil application is buildable and the most essential brow tool. To achieve this look of brow, try our Universal Eyebrow Pencil to enhance your natural brow shape and fill them in with natural hair-like strokes in a shade that is most flattering to all skin tones and brow shades.

How is a Brow Gel used?

A brow gel is a wet, cream-like formula used to give a defined look that will not fade throughout the day. Available in 8 shades, our Eyebrow Gel is made with synthetic beeswax for a smooth and long-lasting application. In comparison to a brow pencil, brow gel can be used to create a more striking look as well as a natural look. The OFRA Eyebrow Gel works well when paired with Brush #16 or Brush #4 and to fill in as lightly or heavily as you desire.

How are brow powders used?

Brow powders have a similar consistency to eyeshadows, and can also be used to define and fill eyebrows. Our Eyebrow Signature Quintet formula can be used wet or dry. The dry application gives a shadowy effect that makes brows look denser, meanwhile, a wet application can offer more precision and intensity.

How do you prolong wearability?

Need the longest wear possible? The best option is our Eyebrow Gel because it is waterproof. The Universal Eyebrow Pencil is also long wearing as it made from synthetic beeswax. F.Y.A. (For Your Application): Need even more staying power? Try our OFRA Makeup Fixer setting spray to set your brows and your overall makeup look.

What are the pros of using brow products?

Brow products can create a natural looking shape that defines your face OFRA’s brow gel products are long lasting so there is no need to worry about fading eyebrows Achieve bold statement-making brows with OFRA brow products

What are the cons of brow products?

Brow products can cause your brows to look too overwhelming for your face shape Improper usage of brow products, such as creating harsh lines, can result in an unnatural look

Are all OFRA eye products cruelty-free?

Yes, all OFRA products are cruelty-free. We do not test on animals. OFRA does everything from product creation to testing, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

Are all OFRA eye products vegan?

Yes, all OFRA products are vegan. From beginning to end, only the finest ingredients found in nature are used in all OFRA products.
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