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Face Foundation


Whether you like a natural makeup application or a complete beat, finding your perfect foundation wardrobe is the first building-block to your best glam.

Why should I use foundation?

Foundation is the perfect tool for evening out your skin tone and any imperfections that may bother you. You may not want to wear foundation on a daily basis, and just like your wardrobe, some days you may want to be casual and others full glam. So for your everyday routine, you may want one foundation and a completely different one for a night out. For your day time foundation you may want to be long-wearing but light, while for the evening you may want something full coverage and that stays put. Before you purchase your foundation first think about your goals and what makeup looks you want to create and when and where these looks will happen. Deciding this will help you discover the perfect foundation routine just for you.

What foundation products does OFRA have available?

Whether you are a liquid fan or a powder fan we have a foundation that will fit your skin type, your mood, or any occasion. Our liquid foundations range from lightweight, Liquid Foundation, to full coverage, Absolute Cover Foundation. For additional coverage or as a setting powder, you can use our mineral powder foundation that comes in two formulas including, Acne Treatment Loose Mineral Powder and our Derma Mineral Powder Foundation. Prefer a pressed powder? We also have pressed formulas available in a palette for the PRO MUA or in a compact to take on the go.

How much are OFRA liquid foundations?

Liquid Foundation
Absolute Cover Foundation
Pro Palette - Contour & Highlighting Cream
Signature Palette - Contour & Highlighting Cream

How much are OFRA Powder Foundations?

Derma Minerals Loose Powder Foundation
Acne Treatment Loose Powder Foundation
Wet & Dry Foundation Compact
Pro Palette - Foundation
Signature Palette - Wet & Dry Foundation

Do your foundations also come with godet refills?

At OFRA we love refills and saving packaging. Our powder and cream foundations, in a compact or a Pro Palette, are available in a godet refill. How should I prepare my skin for foundation? Although foundation is the building block for your glam, prepping your skin for it can make a big difference in its longevity and the way it sits on your skin. Mositurizing and priming are best practice before you apply any kind of foundation, liquid or powder. At OFRA, we have a variety of primers that make the skin a smooth canvas and help foundation last and last?

What primers does OFRA have? How much do they cost?

Cool As A Cucumber
Absolute Cover Face Primer
Silicone Primer Gel
Face Lift Primer Flash

What is the best way to apply my OFRA foundation?

Tools affect the outcome of any makeup look. Whether you want your make to cover more or last all day, what you use to apply your makeup can change the wear of your foundation dramatically. If you want a more natural application you can try our Perfecting Puff that can be used with either our powder or our liquid formulas. For more coverage, we have an assortment of brushes that will work for a variety of looks and preferences. Check out our entire assortment of tools here.

What variety of brushes does OFRA have to apply foundation? How much do they cost?

Brush #8 - Powder
Brush #9 - Powder/Liquid Foundation
Brush #20 - Concealer/Foundation/Shadow
Brush #8886 - S&F Foundation
Brush #8887 - Foundation Flat

Are all OFRA foundations cruelty-free?

Yes, all OFRA products are cruelty-free. We do not test on animals. OFRA does everything from product creation to testing, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

Are all OFRA foundations vegan?

Yes, all OFRA products are vegan. From beginning to end, only the finest ingredients found in nature are used in all OFRA products without animal byproducts.
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