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Banana Powder Godet

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Our innovative new banana powder color corrects, highlights and softens any makeup look while also suiting a variety of skin tones. This versatile powder contains a light banana scent and is sold in two forms – the Pressed Banana Powder and Translucent Highlighting Luxury Powder that is loose – to suit our clients’ formula preferences. Our pressed form comes in a compact and godet. Both products can be applied as a full coverage finishing powder as well as provide specific functions such as setting concealer underneath eyes and highlighting precise facial areas: underneath eyes, the brow bone, the bridge of the nose, the middle of the forehead and the chin. For best results, apply our Silicone Primer Gel or Absolute Cover Face Primer prior to application.

Pressed banana powder is available in a 4g and 2g godet.

** Please note that this item is only a refill godet and not in a case; if you want a complete compact, you can find it here **

Banana Powder Godet

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