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Makeup & Cosmetic Palettes

Poppin’ Palettes.

Every artist has their own vibe. With OFRA Pro Palettes you can create looks that only you can dream of.


What is a Pro Palette?

Pro Palettes work like your favorite must-have collection of makeup. Pro Palettes open like a book and keep makeup items protected and dust-free. Made with hard shell exterior and magnetic closing, OFRA Pro Palettes are great for the on-the-go MUA or for travel all over the world.

What type of makeup comes in palettes?

OFRA Pro Palettes offer everything from lipsticks, highlighters, blushes, eyeshadows, foundations and more. Didn’t find what you were looking for in one of our fully loaded Pro Palettes? OFRA offers empty palettes that you can fill with all your go-to’s.

What is a Pro Palette used for?

  • Palettes are travel-friendly.
  • Everything you need is in one place.The perfect combination of eyeshadows, highlighters, blushes, lipsticks, and foundations.
  • Move, replaceable, and rework palettes. All OFRA palettes are magnetic and easily refillable with our Godet Pan Refills available in different shades and sizes.

Why use a makeup palette?

Makeup palettes are a convenient way to organize and keep your makeup products safe. They also offer tons of variety and inspire you to try new makeup looks.

What makeup palette should I get?

Start with your favorite makeup product. If you’re constantly looking for a new foundation, try the OFRA Foundation Palette, or if you are someone who likes pops of color, the OFRA Bright Addiction Palette has tons of stunning pigments. Maybe you want a little bit of everything, the empty Pop-up Palette lets you pick and choose what items you want in your palette and are completely interchangeable.

What eyeshadow palette should I buy?

Depending on your eye color, skin tone, and personal preference, OFRA offers a variety of eyeshadow palettes to accentuate and perfect your look in all the right ways.

What highlighting palette should I buy?

The OFRA highlighters in the On The Glow palette offer stunning, long-lasting pigments in a variety of shades, perfect for any makeup look you are trying to achieve.

How do I make a makeup palette?

All of OFRA’s godets allow you to customize your very own makeup palette for a completely individualized look. Shop our individual godet pans and select the arrangement of products you would want in your palette and select one of our empty, magnetic palettes like the Pop-Up Palette, iPalette or iPalette Mini. Since all godets are magnetic they will just pop in place wherever you decide to arrange them. How easy is that?

How to clean a makeup palette

Keeping your makeup palette clean and bacteria free is easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Take a tissue and wipe any excess powder or debris away from makeup product, you can also remove godets completely from magnetic palettes.
  2. Dip any makeup brush into rubbing alcohol and then pat almost dry to wipe off any excess liquid, you can also use our Brush Cleaner & Disinfectant Spray for a quick disinfectant in between brush uses too.
  3. Then lightly swipe across the product with a clean brush keeping any loose pigments and particles away.

Which OFRA products are offered in Pro Palettes?

OFRA offers a variety of palettes from eyeshadows and highlighters to blushes and lipsticks.

Our Must Have Mattes Palette includes both neutrals and stunning pigments that are great for everyday use.

The Bright Addiction Palette has numerous vibrant colors that are rich in pigment. For an amazing shimmer, the Dazzling Diamonds Palette has highly pigmented shades that can be used in the daytime or for a night out.

OFRA also offers a Mixed Eyeshadow Palette that combines the most popular shades with both matte and shimmer pigments.

The On The Glow Palette is a combination of OFRA’s most popular highlighters, bronzers and features blush that is perfect for every skin tone and uses the highest-grade pearls for a radiant glow.

Our Foundation Palette is available and it is suitable for combination, oily or acne-prone skin. We also offer refills for these powder foundations.

For the best blend of contour and highlight, the Contouring and Highlighting Cream Foundation Palette has an excellent variety of both.

The Blush Palette contains various shades of blushes that have either a subtle shimmer or matte finish.

For access to many of OFRA’s lipstick shades, the Lipstick Palette carries amazing colors that can be topped with lipgloss or highlighter for a show-stopping effect.

The Mixed Palette is a unique combination of foundation, eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, and glosses all in one place.

Our newest additions mixed face palettes, Boho and Free Spirit, each has an energetic vibe that makes them enviable for any season.

OFRA also offers a smaller version of many palettes such as the Signature Smokey Eyes Palette and Signature Eyebrow Quintet. These 5-pan palettes allow for an even easier travel experience.

Why are palettes so popular?

Palettes contain a variety of different products that create a variety of looks. Many makeup enthusiasts and professional makeup artists use palettes because they are travel-friendly and like OFRA’s professional makeup palettes, often customizable. Palettes allow the best range of color and keep specific makeup products organized and ready to go.

How much do OFRA palettes cost?

  • Glow Up Highlighter Palette $49.00
  • OFRA Professional Makeup Palette- Boho $99.00
  • OFRA Professional Makeup Palette- Free Spirit $99.00
  • OFRA Professional Makeup Palette- Must Have Mattes $99.00
  • OFRA Professional Makeup Palette- Dazzling Diamonds $99.00
  • OFRA Professional Makeup Palette- On the Glow $149.00
  • OFRA Professional Makeup Palette- Contouring & Highlighting Cream $79.00
  • OFRA Professional Makeup Palette- Bright Addiction $79.00
  • OFRA Professional Makeup Palette- Blush $99.00
  • OFRA Professional Makeup Palette- Mixed $99.00
  • OFRA Professional Makeup Palette- Lipstick $99.00
  • OFRA Professional Makeup Palette- Foundation $99.00
  • OFRA Professional Makeup Palette- Eyeshadow $99.00
  • Signature Shadow Set- Irresistible Smokey $31.00
  • Signature Palette- Lipstick Nudes $31.00
  • Signature Palette- Lipstick Variety $31.00
  • Signature Palette- Wet & Dry Foundation $31.00
  • Signature Palette- Blush $31.00
  • Signature Eyebrow Quintet $31.00
  • Signature Contouring & Highlighting Cream Foundation Mini Palette $31.00
  • Signature Shadow Set- Radiant Eyes $31.00
  • Signature Shadow Set- Contour Eyes $31.00
  • Signature Shadow Set- Smokey Eyes $31.00
  • Feelin' Myself $35.00

What happens when I run out of a color and hit pan in my palette?

All professionally sized palette colors are refillable with our godets. Godets are sold separately on our website and come in different shades and sizes that fit your palette. Be sure to check the size in your palette before purchasing the godet.

How many grams of product come in makeup palettes?

OFRA offers a variety of products that come in 2 gram, 4 gram, and 10-gram individual godets.

Why do you need palettes in your makeup collection?

Palettes are perfect for traveling and having all your makeup in one place. They are versatile and easy to use. Many of our palettes come with a variety of shades that are replaceable with our godets. You can even customize your own palette with the OFRA iPalette and Pop-Up Palette.

How do I create my own palette?

OFRA offers both customizable palettes and godets to create your very own palette. The palettes are magnetic which allows for easy attachment for the godets. The Pop-Up Palette holds 48 grams of product and items can be rearranged depending on your wants/needs. It securely holds all your godets in place for easy travel. The palette also “pops up” for easy access and display. The iPalette comes with a basic selection of OFRA products. And with room to add additional godets, you are in control of what goes in the palette. Our Professional Palettes come fully loaded but are also magnetic and can be interchanged with other godets to suit your needs or be replaced as you run out of shades.

What are the pros of using makeup palettes?

Palettes are travel-friendly Allows for the perfect combination of eyeshadows, highlighters, blushes, lipsticks, and more! For makeup artists, it allows for use on multiple clients with different skin tones and different wants/needs. Also allows for versatility in selection while saving space and having everything stored in place altogether, no need for a bunch of compacts that you have to shuffle through to find the correct shade and product. The pans are replaceable in all professional palettes so there is no need to fret when you run out of your favorite shade, simply restock by purchasing a Godet pan refill.

Are OFRA palettes cruelty-free?

Yes, all OFRA products are cruelty-free. None of the products are tested on animals and all processes are carried out at the OFRA lab.

Are OFRA palettes vegan?

Yes, all OFRA products are vegan. From beginning to end, only the finest ingredients found in nature are used in all OFRA products.
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