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Makeup & Cosmetics Tools

More than just a good product.

Have you ever used a good product that your friend swears by and its just not for you? It could be it’s not what you applied but how you applied it. That’s why tools matter. Sometimes they can take a great product and make it even better. From brushes to a bottomless makeup bag we have you covered.

What type of brushes do you carry?

Since OFRA is a cruelty-free and vegan brand all of our brushes are made with synthetic materials. Our core line of brushes is perfect for any type of makeup enthusiast from a starter to a pro. Then our Elite Series is “next level.” Although these brushes are made with synthetic bristles, they are super soft, easy to use, and apply makeup seamlessly.

What types of brushes do you have? How much are your brushes?

Brush #1- Eyeliner
Brush #2 - Nose Highlight & Dusting
Brush #3 - Eyeshadow
Brush #4 Hard Angle
Brush #6 - Large Powder
Brush #7 - Highlighting Fan
Brush #8 - Powder
Brush #9 - Powder/Liquid Foundation
Brush #10 - Lip
Brush #11 - Concealer or Eyeshadow
Brush #16 - Angle
Brush #20 - Concealer/Foundation/Shadow
Brush #21 - Blending
Brush #22 - Blush
Brush #25 - Blending
Brush #27 - Angle
Brush #31 - Blending Eye Corners

What types of brushes are available in the Elite Series? How much are the Elite Series brushes?

Brush #8880 - Eyeliner
Brush #8881 - Tip & Blend
Brush #8882 - Pencil
Brush # 8883 - Angled Eye
Brush #8884 - Crease
Brush #8885 - Eyeshadow
Brush #8886 - S&F Foundation
Brush #8887 - Foundation Flat
Brush #8888 - Blush
Brush #8889 Powder

Do you have brush sets available?

Yes, we do have brush sets available. They come in a multitude of varieties that would be great as a starter pack or as a wide range of brushes for all different techniques for the PRO MUA.
Brush Set 5 Piece
Brush Set 7 Piece
Brush Set 9 Piece
Brush Set 11 Piece
Brush Set 15 Piece

What other tools does OFRA offer?

Accessories will change your makeup game. At OFRA, we have curated tools that we feel will help you take your makeup from great to amazing. Want a more natural but flawless way to apply your foundation? Try our Perfecting Puff that smooths on foundation without ab and can be used to apply setting powders and to blend concealers.

Are all OFRA tools cruelty-free?

Yes, all OFRA products are cruelty-free. We do not test on animals. OFRA does everything from product creation to testing, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

Are all OFRA tools vegan?

Yes, all OFRA products are vegan. From beginning to end, only the finest ingredients found in nature are used in all OFRA products without animal byproducts.
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