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Hi! My name is Samantha March, and I love creating stories. From a young girl I knew one day I wanted to write books, to create characters and storylines that would perhaps one day help others, like stories once helped me. My passion for books and the written word stems from my grandmother,


My Grams was one of my favorite people – ever. From teaching me how to be kind to my cousins, to the importance of removing my makeup before bed, to giving me the belief I could achieve whatever my dreams were, no matter how big they seemed for this Iowa girl, Millie was a hero to me. She was also an avid reader, as is my mother, as am I. A fond memory I have is my mom forcing me to be my little brother’s fishing companion – but she probably knew I spent more time with my nose in a book than I did watching how close my brother got to the Mississippi


I have great memories of the grand Mississippi. From lazy boat rides to Fourth of July on the water to walks along the Riverwalk, I took for granted having this beauty in my backyard. I moved away from the river town of Dubuque, Iowa after graduating high school, but every time I am back for a visit, I make sure to sneak in a few moments to reconnect with the water. My hometown provided me inspiration for the Iowa town in my debut novel, Destined to Fail. In 2009 I launched my blog, part book blog part women’s lifestyle blog, writing book reviews, celeb pieces, and sharing my favorite workouts. The initial design of the website was highly inspired for the love of my favorite book genre,

Chick Lit

Chick Lit Plus is where my social media career kicked off. I had no idea over ten years ago, saving up the money to purchase my first laptop and hiring a website designer would lead me to authoring eight novels, have a growing Youtube channel and social platform, accepting an award at the American Influencer Awards and collaborating on this special collection with one of my favorite brands, Ofra Cosmetics. Through my years in a non-traditional career, I’ve learned a lot about myself. About pain providing me a platform, using my voice to stand up for abuse survivors, and the beauty in having a messy life. I have become focused on not only finding others that inspire me and push me to become my best self, but it’s also a part of my journey to help others become inspired, to

Start Inspired

From books, videos, podcasts and more, I love connecting with people from all over the world. Whether it’s for entertaining and having a laugh over makeup releases, to providing inspiration and sharing the difficulties I’ve been through in life, I feel incredibly fulfilled in my career. I am so grateful that during the years of little sleep and no pay to try to launch a blog, and then a book, and then a Youtube channel, that I continued to find the inspiration to keep moving forward. Amazing opportunities can come when you don’t give up on yourself.

So there it is – my collection with Ofra Cosmetics. A beautiful nude liquid lipstick in Story, a pearly lip gloss in homage to Millie, a matte/shimmer bronzer duo in River and a matte/shimmer blush duo in Chick Lit, and the much loved Start Inspired highlight. I’m so proud of this collection and I am so grateful to the incredible team at Ofra Cosmetics for giving me this opportunity. I hope you love the pieces we’ve created, and enjoyed hearing the stories and the inspiration behind each of the names.