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“I had inquired about the use of animal ingredients in your products and was pleasantly surprised to find that your cosmetics are all vegan-friendly. I actually initially received a few items through vegan subscription beauty boxes, but was unsure of using them because I was unfamiliar with the brand. But because you so graciously addressed my concerns, I made a purchase. I must say I have been simply astounded by the quality of your products! Since my first purchase, I have come back for several more and have systematically started to replace everything in my kit with OFRA cosmetics. The Silk Peptide Foundation and Derma Tones Wheel are two of the most impressive products I have ever come by. The coverage is unlike anything I have used. In fact, there isn't a single product I've purchased that hasn't exceeded my expectations. I wanted to send a quick thank you for offering vegan-friendly products that are of exceptional quality. I own makeup from every major brand and have spent thousands of dollars on so-called luxury products that don't even come close to matching what OFRA has to offer. I feel lucky to have found you guys and wanted to say you have made a lifelong customer! Don't change a thing. You're doing everything right! :)”

Jackie Sloderbeck

“I have been using OFRA cosmetics for the past 10 years. I would like to stress the fact that OFRA Cosmetics products are made of a very high quality. Their moisturizer is velvety and soft texture and is absorbed by the skin without leaving an oily film. The makeup foundation is velvety, long lasting and covers my skin beautifully and naturally. I apply the foundation in the morning and in the evening it still has the same perfect coverage. The prices are reasonable and I fine them to be competitive next to other brands. I highly recommend OFRA products.”


Yaela Shalev, 50 years old




“Ofra, I still cry (Happy tears of course) over my gratitude to you and the help you have so graciously given me! I appreciate it more than you know! Before this system treatment (Pumpkin Peel, Vitamin C Cleanser, Acne Treatment, Loose Powder, Acne Cream, Acne Mask, and Oil Free Moisturizer) I spent hours and hours, day after day just crying over my skin and how horrible it made me feel. I didn’t dare go out anywhere unless I absolutely needed to. Each day has been better and better for me ALL because of YOU!!! Thank you so much for your kindness, and the time you take to respond to me with help and suggestions.”

Ariana Speirs

I have been blessed to be using OFRA Cosmetics for over a decade. I use the B-5 serum everyday immediately after shaving, followed by the Vitamin C and E serums. My wife also has been using the OFRA products exclusively, also, for over a decade. We both swear by them. The quality and non-reactions of the ingredients speak for themselves. There are not finer products on the market.

Bruce F

“My bathroom is full of their skin care and make up. I use their products all the time. They have new mineral make up powder that makes my skin look smooth and tan. My daughter uses their products and her acne cleared. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Andreajanecarlton Via City Search

“I have been a customer for over three years and Ofra is a true honorable business woman. I made a request and not only did she deliver on her promise she exceeded it! Her product is better than my Chanel or others I have used in the past. The wheels that cover my Melasma is the only product that actually has made a huge difference! Thank you, Ofra!”

Costanza Garay

I use ofra products for the past 4 years and I have only seen positive results. I am 35 years old and found that their vitamin C cream to be very hydrating for my skin. My favorite product though, is their foundation-absolute cover silk peptide foundation. After first applying this foundation my skin felt the smoothest its felt in years. Another favorite is the dual action cleanser with scrub. I purchased this item online a few months ago and the minor breakouts I would get have stopped occurring. I now make sure to use this product morning and night due to this.

Sandra Huston

My experience at Ofra’s has always been pleasant. I received a facial by Ofra a year ago and I have had bad acne since my early teens. I had tried nearly every type of acne product from Clearasil to pro-active, the only thing that has cleared it up and kept it clear now for a year is their vitamin c cleanser. That cleanser is seriously magic. Ofra didn’t try shoving products down my throat to just get my money, she geniunly cared about my needs and what products my skin could use to benefit ME.


“I am an executive woman working for an industry leading Cruise Line. It is important for my face to be flawless when delivering new concepts and ideas to other executive members. Ofra Cosmetics has given this confidence to me. Other leading industry products did not control my facial breakouts, probably due to stress. Ofra cosmetics cleared my face up to where this is not a concern to me. Delivering the messages to other executives is the focus. This is the main reason I can’t stop using Ofra’s Cosmetics. I don’t even think of using any other products besides Ofra’s now.”

Mary M

“I have been using Ora Skincare and cosmetics for over 5 years now. I love the Foaming Cleanser with Kiwi. It cleanses my skin without leaving behind any residue or making it feel too dry. Both of my teenage children have used Ofra’s Vitamin C Cleanser successfully taming breakouts on their acne prone skin. Living in S. Florida, I find foundations very uncomfortable to wear. I have found that using Perfexion Diffuse along with Ofra’s Vitamin C Cream, my skin looks perfect! Ofra’s Vitamin C Bronzer gives me just the right touch of color to brighten up my face. The eyeshadows come in beautiful shades of natural earth tones as well as beautiful jewels. Ofra’s eye pencils glide smoothly and last all day long, no smudging or fading. I believe that Ofra’s products are just as good, if not better than other high-end brands sold in department stores. Best of all, I like that the products are manufactured here in the USA, keeping high standards and providing local jobs.”

Lisa Cohen

“I love the Oil Free Moisturizer form OFRA Cosmetics. It goes on smooth and leaves my skin silky without feeling greasy. The OFRA Cosmetics Silicone Primer Gel is a lifesaver. As a busy executive, it’s a relief to know that my makeup will stay on all day and look as good as when I first applied it.”

Erica C.

I was really enjoying the Vitamin C Cleanser and how fresh it made my skin feel. After using it for a few weeks, my 16 year old brother came to visit, and seeing his face covered in acne, I started to wonder if the cleanser could help him. After using it just once his face felt and looked better. He now uses it every day, and I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in his acne.

Vanessa Vissalli

I just wanted to drop you all a note to say thanks for offering such great products! I found out about your company via YouTube and recently purchased the Window Pallet via the Wing, DivaMakeupQueen sale. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the makeup, but yesterday was so amazing I had to contact you all! I do aerial dance (trapeze and skills) just as a hobby and last night the air conditioner in our studio broke. It was about 90 degrees and I was absolutely sweating to death, only to look in the mirror and see that, while all my other makeup had long since melted away, I still had beautiful eye makeup and perfectly contoured cheeks!! It was almost creepy! You guys truly have an amazing formula! So, just wanted to say THANKS for having great products and I hope you offer more special sales in the future – I’ll definitely be looking forward to them!

Paige Maskaeinec

“I just received my new palette in mint condition. Thank you so much for your exceptional customer service and delivering a great product. I will def refer my friends to your brand.”

Mia Moore

“Thank you for all that you do, have done and know will continue to do for educating, and providing schools with the best! These students are the Future, and your personal touch to them is something that they will remember forever!”

Tim Collette

I heard you speak & watched your demonstration at the 2013 L.A. Make Up Show and purchased many of your products. I'm very cautious even trying anything new, especially brands I've never heard of, but I took a chance & experimented with the makeup I bought. To be honest, I'm amazed and extremely happy with the makeup items I've used so far. I went to the show as a medium blonde, with blonde high lights, but since then I change to my hair color to a dark brown with mild red my amazement, your makeup worked beautifully with both shades! I look forward to purchasing more of your products after I used items I purchased at the show, but don't think I'll have any problems when I use Ofra Cosmetics in the future. Awesome products!

Annette Norona

“OFRA We and Dry Foundation... best foundation I have ever used for my skin!!! Perfect coverage! I have used many foundations at age 52 and this is truly the best and stays all day too!!”

Diana Ojeda

“Hi, I am a huge fan of Ofra, I cannot wait to see the demonstration of the EyeBrow gels at the next Makeup Show in Orlando. I have several of your palettes in which I have used on many of my clients...most recently Mr. Martin Short himself! I plan to sport my own makeup application adorned in Ofra products while in attendance at the Emmys this year. Thank you for providing so many beautiful lip colours and shadows! ”

Andrea Ferrell

“As a business, working with OFRA Cosmetics has been informative, smooth, and pleasant. Their customer service is on point! Our clients are attracted to the packaging, love the superior quality of the products, and appreciate the price point.” Andrea Peters

New Genesis, New York

“Good morning! I'm just emailing to sincerely thank you for your outstanding customer service, speedy delivery, and one of a kind quality products! I received my package with the Peptide Complex Series, and used it on my bride + bridal party, and they LOVED it! I've been using it on myself daily since then, and my skin has improved dramatically in clarity, smoothened texture, moisture without any oil, everything! My favorite item from the series is the Whitening Mask and the Moisturizer. Oh and the Peptide Activator too. Infact, I love all the products. I can't wait to receive the bronzers and bright addiction palette soon. One of my clients (Miss Asia America) has an appearance at The White House tomorrow, and best believe I'll be using all these items on her. Have an amazing and blessed day!”

Buchi Akpati

“OFRA is my go to store where I can get the pro skincare + makeup that works for me. If you're looking for an awesome 1-stop beauty shop, this is it!”

Mina Slater

“Ofra products are truly amazing!! I'm a huge fan... I incorporate THIER products in my everyday skin care routine and makeup!! Can't live without their products must have and must try if you haven't already xoxo”

Marcoux Treisha

“Living in FL, I cannot go without OFRA's Sun spray! I use it almost everyday when I am out in the field for work. Super easy to apply and also conveniently sized so it fits nicely in my work (or beach) bag without making it too heavy.”

Em Faerman

“Ofra Cosmetics is one of my go-to lines! I'm obsessed with their silicone primer gel, lipsticks, eyeshadow primer, and the list goes on! As a makeup artist it is important to know you are using high quality products from a trustworthy company! I love you guys!”

Micki Mills

“I have been using OFRA skincare products and makeup for nearly 3 years now and I couldn't possibly be happier. Their eye and lip palettes are my favorites. I highly recommend using this brand, you won't be disappointed!”

Danielle Barnes

“I'm a huge fan of Ofra Cosmetics since 2000 and continue to be delighted!”

Martha Fischler

“I absolutely adore Ofra Cosmetics! Their eyeshadows are so pigmented and their skin care is Devine! So smooth on my face and no irritation.”

Marlene Frierson

“I found out about this cosmetic line through a friend of mine, and I absolutely Love it!!!! I am somewhat of a cosmeticaholic, and have tried many brands throughout the years, and this is by far the best for my skin, and the colors they carry and range is phenomenal So Glad I found you .”

Sandy White

“Ok I've been getting Ipsy bags for well over a year and very rarely do I get a product that I love and becomes a staple in my everyday makeup bag. The Ofra pencil is the first thing I've gotten that I now can't live without! It's amazing! Thank you, thank you!”

Melissa Mamino