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OFRA Professional Makeup Palette - Dazzling Diamonds

$79.00 USD



Rich in pigment and high in quality. Apply Eye Gel Primer before application of any eyeshadow. The color will be more vibrant and last longer without creasing.

This palette includes 20 highly pigmented pressed shimmer eyeshadows. Each eyeshadow godet pan contains two grams of product within the magnetic palette.

With a wide range of shimmer shades, this “Dazzling Diamonds” palette contains both neutrals and pops of color. The variety of shades assures its everyday use and versatility in makeup looks that can be created from a single palette.

Shades in this palette include:
Sublime (plum purple with shimmering gold reflecs)
Bohemian (shimmering milk chocolate brown)
Destiny (a cool mid-toned shimmering blue)
Victory (shimmering chocolate brown shade)
Glamour (shimmering warm tone brown)
Exquisite (glittery deep iron shade)
Plum (shimmering deep plum shade )
Essential (shimmering rusty-red shade)
Blue Jeans (shimmering denim blue)
Gold (yellow toned shimmering gold )
Plastic (shimmering cream shade)
Royal (shimmering true purple)
Millennium Gold (soft white gold)
Envious (shimmering soft light green)
Pink Petal (shimmering barbie pink)
Divine (shimmering bronze shade)
Bliss (champagne shade with rose gold undertone)
Gold Rush (shimmering golden copper)
Ultra Violet (soft violet with a silver sheen)
Millennium White (shimmering snow-white shade)

The beauty of the magnetic palette is that as you run out of shades, each godet pan can be interchanged with any of the OFRA two gram eyeshadow godet pan refills.

This shimmer palette is a great addition to any collection! Its essential shades can be used alone or as a compliment to OFRA’s Professional Makeup Palette – Must Have Mattes, which contains 20 highly pigmented matte shades. These palettes can be used for quick and simple looks or be instantly elevated to glam. There is no look you cannot achieve with the “Dazzling Diamonds” palette.


OFRA Professional Makeup Palette - Dazzling Diamonds

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