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Eye Care Solution Trio

$69.00 USD



This Trio Consists of:

  • Beautifying Eye lotion 240ml 8oz fl
  • Firming Eye Gel 30ml 1oz fl
  • Biotech Eye & Lip Cream 30ml 1oz fl

Anti aging results from first application.


    • Beautifying Eye Lotion soothes tired eyes as it decongests the pores and reduces puffiness. It can be used as a compress to reduce puffiness and irritation of the eye area as often as needed. Cover the eyes and leave on for 5 minutes. May be repeated as often as necessary and is recommended before going out to a special function as eye area will appear less puffy, more fresh and bright. The added Chamomile and Aloe Vera will calm, relax, sooth and reduce dark rings around the eye area instantly.


    • Eye Firming Gel has a cooling, concentrated formula that reduces puffiness and improves elasticity by hydrating and sealing the skin against moisture loss. This gives long term anti-aging results and keeps skin looking younger and plump. Eye Firming Gel is fragrance free, suitable for sensitive skin and is recommended for use prior to make-up application, helping eye-make up last longer. The anti-aging ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate will reduce the appearance of lines and prevent new ones from forming. Eye Firming Gel will help to tighten the skin around the eyes and "iron" fine lines. For best results apply Biotech Eye and Lip Cream morning and evening around the eyes and upper lip area and follow up with Firming Eye Gel as well. Results are significant and long lasting.
    • The anti-aging concentrated formula in Biotech Eye & Lip Cream is suitable for sensitive skin around the eyes and upper lip area. Created with cutting edge peptides and Argireline technology, it will reduce the appearance of lines and prevent new ones from forming. With continued use, Biotech Eye & Lip Cream repairs and strengthens skin, restoring it to a healthy natural state with long lasting, significant results. A study of the effectiveness of Argireline resulted in the reduction of the severity of wrinkles around the eyes up to 17% after 15 days of treatment and 27% after 30 days of treatment. For immediate results apply Biotech Eye & Lip Cream in the morning and evening around the eyes and upper lip area follow up with Firming eye Gel.


  • In general apply on the top and bottom bone around the eyes. Do not apply eye creams too close to the eye area as it can penetrate the eyes and create sensitivity.

Savings of $45.50. Normal price when buying separately $114.50

Presented in a beautiful clear cosmetic bag.

Eye Care Solution Trio


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