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Ofra’s On the Go Traveling Tips

Ofra’s On the Go Traveling Tips

As women, we like to have options… and plenty of them. Packing for a trip usually means sitting on our luggage trying to get that zipper to close. If our makeup bag was only as big as the luggage, we wouldn’t have a problem, right? Questions to ask before packing are, “How do I downsize? How can I go lighter? What are the essentials?”

To start, search for clothing and makeup items that have multiple uses to minimize quantity, leaving space for everything else you need and souvenirs. Plus, it’s more economical! Many OFRA products have dual purposes which mean more room in your luggage and more money in your wallet!

Here are some of our products that are multi-use and perfect to take on your next weekend getaway or long cruise:

  • OFRA’s 2 in 1 multi-tone Bronzer and Blush
  • Our Banana Powder that acts as a highlighter, matte eye shadow, can set concealer and be used as an all over finishing powder. Talk about diversity!
  • OFRA’s Eyeliners that can be used as lip liners or Lip Liners that dual as eyeliners. The epitome of flexibility to change up your look in many ways!
  • Our ultra-fine Derma Loose Mineral Powders can be used on your face or body. They are packed with minerals, mica and titanium dioxide, providing full, velvety coverage with a natural sunscreen.
One of the best products to carry with you on your journey is iPalette from OFRA Cosmetics. With removable, magnetic eye-shadows and blushes, the rest is up to you! It’s easily interchangeable with makeup you already own. Simply remove the makeup pans from any brand palettes you have and transfer them to your new iPalette. You can always purchase our godets that come in pans and are ready to be locked in. Any metal pan will stick instantly giving you customization at its finest! It also comes in a smaller size, the iPalette Mini, in case you need something more compact for just essentials.

We know how pollution and environmental factors can affect our skin when traveling, especially outside of the country. The Skin Care Kit is travel size friendly and has seven basic skin care products specified for your skin type. No more changing bottles because TSA will take your goods or panning through products to find what’s right for your skin type from various brands in different sizes. OFRA has made it simple by placing everything you need in a small, clear pouch. Be ready for adventure without putting your skin at risk.

The iMirror is another travel necessity. With its sleek, modern design, it is compact enough to take with you on the road, giving you access to a fully functioning, vanity style mirror wherever you are headed.

You can also downsize your brush set to five to seven essentials which could make a dramatic difference in your makeup bag. Use a Brush Cleaner & Disinfectant Spray between uses and you’re all set!

If you are headed to your boyfriend’s for the weekend, having a girl’s night or using those frequent flyer miles to travel around the globe, these tips should help wherever your journey takes you.

Bon Voyage!

Written by Mariel Fernandez - OFRA Team Member


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