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Eye Palettes

Serve Lewks.

Eyeshadow can work to enhance the eye, change the shape, match an outfit, or show off your artistry. At OFRA, whichever way you like to wear your makeup we have an eyeshadow palette that will set off your look.

What are the different kinds of eyeshadows OFRA has?

Options, options, options. When it comes to eye makeup we have every type of shade and finish that you could want. Whether you love a wash of color on the lids, warm or cool tones, shimmers or mattes, smokey or natural, winged out or glittery, there is an eyeshadow palette that will match your mood. Check out our blog on how to make any eye look fit any eye shape here. All OFRA palettes and compacts are easily refillable or interchangeable making them a great option for those that love customization.

What eyeshadow palettes are available?

Our eyeshadow palettes come in several different formats. We have our Signature Palettes that contain 5 coordinating shades and a new 9 shade format that we launched in collaboration with Beyonce’s Makeup Artist, Francesca Tolot. Finally, we have our Pro Palette that is available as shadow only or mixed with other face products including blushes and highlighters.
Signature Palette- Contour Eyes
Signature Palette- Smokey Eyes
Signature Palette- Exquisite Eyes
Signature Palette- Radiant Eyes
Signature Palette- Irresistible Smokey
Pro Palette- Dazzling Diamonds
Pro Palette- Eyeshadow
Pro Palette- Must Have Mattes
Pro Palette- Bright Addictions
Pro Palette- Boho
Pro Palette- Free Spirit
OFRAxFrancesca Tolot Infinite Palette

Are OFRA eyeshadow palettes refillable?

Yes, all of our Pro Palettes are completely refillable or interchangeable with our 2g, 4g or 10g products. See our entire godet refill collection here.

What is a godet refill?

If you’ve ever heard the saying “hit pan” then you will know what a godet is. A godet is another name for a pan that contains pressed powder products such as foundation, blush, and eyeshadow. We made all our Pro Palettes completely refillable so that even if you “hit pan” on your favorite transition shade you won’t have to stop using the palette. You can simply refill that shade and your palette is as good as new.

How much are eyeshadow godets?

Eyeshadow Godet Refill 4g
Eyeshadow Godet Refill 2g

Are OFRA eyeshadow palettes cruelty-free?

Yes, OFRA eyeshadows are vegan, cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny certified. We do not test on animals. OFRA does everything from product creation to testing, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

Are OFRA eyeshadow palettes vegan?

Yes, OFRA eyeshadows are vegan, cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny certified. From beginning to end, only the finest ingredients found in nature are used in all OFRA products.
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