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How To: Camouflage Your Skin

Posted on 13 June 2016

How To: Camouflage Your Skin

Banish Blemishes, Dark spots and Under Eye Circles

Enjoy OFRA’s color-correcting and concealer advice to help you perfectly camouflage every problem area for smooth, flawless looking skin!


Use an oil-free lotion to moisturize prior to applying concealer. You will avoid any flaking or crusting that occurs if you skip your moisturizer.

Always apply foundation before concealer and choose a shade that matches your skin tone. You’ll want full coverage in a thicker, denser formula.

Then, apply concealer directly to the blemish spot using a small brush like OFRA’s Brush #11 and blend out the edges with your finger. For serious pimples and red spots, use a green neutralizer to tone down the redness and proceed with skin-toned concealer on top, letting it set for a few minutes.

Fun Fact: Jack Dawn, head makeup artist of MGM Hollywood, pioneered yellow-green formulas to conceal and neutralize redness in the most famous stars of the '40s and '50s like Judy Garland, Lucille Ball, Frank Sinatra, Katharine Hepburn and Gene Kelly. These formulas were created using techniques that had been employed by painters mixing oil paints as well as mortuary scientists in the late 1800s and 1900s.

Tip: "If you have light skin, you're going to want to create or select a green that's very light, very pale. If the skin is darker, you're going to make or select a color that's darker, that has more green than it has yellow." – MUA Joe Blasco, inspired by the late David Bowie to make his own green concealer in the ‘70s.

Dark Spots

Also known as hyperpigmentation, these dark areas can be caused by sun overexposure, hormonal fluctuations, and as a result of trauma to the skin like psoriasis, burns or acne. You’re going to need a high-pigmented and durable concealer to hide these blemishes.

Find a shade as close to your skin tone for best results. Using too light of a shade can make your dark spots appear gray and more noticeable.

Use a peach or orange toned color corrector prior to a natural skin-toned concealer to cancel out any darkness. Then, tap concealer onto hyperpigmentation with OFRA’s Brush #20 and blend around the edges. A little goes along way so resist applying multiple, thick layers of concealer.

Under Eye Circles

The most popular color-correcting concealer used for under eye circles is a lavender shade. Lavender is popular because it brightens skin by neutralizing the unwanted yellow undertones of sleep deprived eyes. However, you may need to use a peach/orange tone, depending on your skin tone and the severity of darkness.

Use a small brush and begin by applying concealer at the inner corner of your eyes. Next, work your way under the eye and close to the lashes. After you let it set for a few minutes, finish with a natural skin-toned concealer. Ensure the concealer is two or three shades lighter than your skin tone but in the same color family as your natural tone. Gently pat in each of the concealers with your finger.

Simple Solutions

Finding the perfect concealer can be tricky but OFRA makes it simple. OFRA Cosmetics offers a variety of color-correcting and natural toned concealers to fit your every need either in multi-toned wheels or individual compacts to target specific areas.

Our Derma Tones Wheel , Ethnic Corrector Wheel and Magic Roulette Concealer offer six tones per wheel, giving you the perfect shade plus lighter and darker shades for brightening under eyes, adding contour, or softening discoloration.

Magic Roulette provides all of the needed corrective colors to conceal neutralize and brighten, offering full coverage for each problem area. You can find all these products by clicking here!


What areas are most troublesome for you?

Comment below and share with OFRA!


Written by Mariel Fernandez - OFRA Team Member

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  • Alaias: June 13, 2016

    My biggest problem is concealing my undereye darkness. When I use red concealers , it looks too thick under my eyes even if I use a small amount. Im also looking for a concealer that doesn’t crease with my undereye crinkles. I need help OFRA!!!

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