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2 Simple Hooded Eye Looks

Every eye shape is different and even when you have a hooded eye they are not created equal. So applying eyeshadow can become really annoying if you're not sure how to use what you have. The super-easy eye looks I have chosen for this step by step blog are all about adapting to your eye shape. Whether you have a hooded eye or not add these techniques to accomplish a defined and brightened eye look.

Look #1 Easy Shimmer Liner

First things first, for both of these looks I will be using our Online Exclusive Lunar New Year's Bundle, New Beginnings. This bundle will be available for a limited time starting January 19th! With so much luck coming my way, for the first look, I decided to use the New Beginnings Midi Palette featuring two blushes (Fire Orange and Cheer) and Rodeo Drive Highlighter and then use our newest Bo$$y Eyes shade, Fortune, launching exclusively in this bundle as a graphic liner. I know what you are thinking. Liner?! NO. But, yes I'll be sharing the best trick I've learned over the years to create the perfect winged liner for a hooded eye.

Let's get started!

1. Create shadows.

No matter what type of eye look you are creating, especially for a hooded eye, adding some depth to the lid, even if it's with a subtle transition shade, will bring dimension to your eye. The most important tip to keep in mind for a hooded eye is not to stretch your lid space while you are applying your makeup. N-O M-A-T-T-E-R W-H-A-T. Keep your eyes open to your most natural gaze while you are applying the shades to ensure that you can see all of your hard work, not have it disappear when you are done. (Trust me this has happened to me too many times!)

Most hooded eyes have no hollow area between their brow bone and their lid. So create one by adding a shadow. Using a fluffy brush, sweep the shadow, I used Cheer, from the outer corner of the lid to just about halfway towards the center. Then lift your brush and move to the inner lid and sweep the brush towards the middle. Adding the shadow to the inner lid really brings so much more depth to the eye than just carving out the outer corner. 



2. Line it up.

Now that we have sculpted the lid, it's time to LINE. Breathe, this is going to be a breeze, especially since we will be using our Bo$$y Eyes as the liner. Our liquid metallic shadows, re-launching January 26th, work great as liners for hooded eyes because they easily glide onto the eye and once they dry down they won't budge. If you've ever had your liner stamped into the middle of your lid then you can relate. So let's break it down!

a. Start by lining very close to the lash line. If you are like me you have very little to no lid space showing when your eye is relaxed; the thinner the line the better. Dab some of the product onto a flat angled brush from the Bo$$y Eyes applicator. Once that is done it's time for your wing, except you won't be winging it because this technique won't disappoint. 

 b. Add a bit more product to the brush, but not too much, and from the outer corner of the eye, at a slight angle, stamp the brush to create a line. Once again, remind yourself to relax your eye and look directly into the mirror, especially for the next step. 

c. From the tip of the angled line draw a straight line in towards the lash line. You will create a triangle that you can fill in. When you stretch your lid, you will see that the wing is not connected like a traditional shape, and almost looks like half of a batwing. You can clean up the shade with your lid open and make it look more intentional, like a graphic liner, when your lid is visible. 

That's it! Add mascara and this eye look is gtg. Recreate this look with any type of liner including pencils or just a classic liquid liner pen like Verified.

 Look #2 Colorful Shadow with Highlighter

1. Build on what you learn.

a. Using the shade Cheer, I added depth to create the appearance of a shadow just like the first look.

b.With a small tapered brush, like our Brush #8882, I used Fire Orange in the outer corner of the lid and swept the brush in the same motion as if I was creating a winged liner to add depth. You can continue the step until you reach the desired intensity, and then with a blending brush, buff the shades together. 

c. With the same small tapered brush, apply the Fire Orange to the midpoint of the lash line. 

2. Brighten up.

a. There should be an empty space in the center of your lid. With your finger or a brush if you prefer, mix together some Cheer and Rodeo Drive, and then place it into the center of the lid making sure to bring it high enough so it is visible when your eye is open. With the small tapered brush, you can take this same shade onto the rest of the lower lash line.

b. This next step is totally up to you. I like to put on a little bit of mascara before I start any more intense eye looks. I feel like it helps me better gauge if I need more or less of something when my lashes have some definition already. So I decided that I needed a little more depth on my upper lash line before I was done. You can use a pencil liner or a shadow, I used our Coffee Bean Liner, and just deepened the very outer corner of my lash line. Blend this line with the small tapered brush after. 

c. We are not done with that highlighter yet! Let's add some brightness to the inner corner of the eye. But, we are only really going to add the shade to the very corner of the bottom lash line. I used our Brush #18, added a spray of Makeup Fixer and dipped the brush into Rodeo Drive and then just stamped the shade into the lash line. 

d. The final step is to add a little bit of concealer to a shadow brush, or if you already use a small brush to blend your concealer you can use that, and clean up the outer area of the eye by sweeping up. This really emphasizes the wing shape. 

Add another coat of mascara if you're like me and started with the mascara first and then you'll be ready!

Hey Beauties, I hope you enjoyed this blog and found some new tips you can adapt to your routine whether you have a hooded eye or not. Let us know in the comments if you'd like more hooded eye tips or if you try these looks tag us with #OFRAbeauties.



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