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With summer coming to an end and with the start of another school year, can you say S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D.

As summer slowly inches to its last few weeks my skin starts to change. It is a priority that I up my skincare game. Seasons are changing, stressors are changing, and locations are changing. So, Beauties listen up because here's my current nighttime skincare routine (and it's awesome): 


The first and most important step to my nighttime skincare routine is to use our Vitamin C Cleanser. In the morning, I like to use the Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser to wake me up, but enjoy switching it up at night. The formula wipes away any skin impurities, oil, and dirt.


With hot, long summer days it is so important that I go to bed with every scrap of makeup off my face. I love to use two pumps of our Revitalizing Toner on a cotton pad. As someone with dry skin, I find that this toner leaves my face feeling extra clean without stripping away natural oils.


Beauty, after using your face cleanser and toner, now is the time to apply ANY face mask you want. OFRA Cosmetics has a range of face masks and treatments, but at this time of the year I like to dive into our Moisture Repair Mask.

I find it so beneficial right now because my skin is about to transition from summer heat to cool, dry air in the Midwest. This Moisture Repair Mask will ensure that my skin is nourished and ready to take on any weather.


Once all my cleansing and masking is done, it's time to top off my nighttime routine with using not one, but two serums. I like to first put down a serum that is anti-aging, for this I use two pumps of the Collagen Serum.

After the anti-aging serum of my choice dries down, I then like to use two pumps of a moisturizing serum to lock in any intense hydration before bed. For this, I love the B5 Moisturizing Serum. Although this serum is packed with moisturize and dew, it dries down right away without leaving my skin feeling oily.


And just like that nighttime skincare routine is done! Now that I am done with my face, my final step is use the Hydra-Nourishing Body Lotion. As someone who has never liked the way lotion made my skin feel oily before bed, this product has changed my life. 

Thanks for tuning in Beauties! Which OFRA products are a part of your current nighttime routine?! Let us know in the comments down below.


Written by: Rachel Fleischman 


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