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How to wear makeup at the gym without it being super noticeable



Many of us are already trying to keep up with our personal New Year’s resolutions. Common resolutions include waking up earlier, sticking to a workout regime and generally taking better care of our bodies inside and out!


There are no rules when it comes to makeup… except to always remove it before bed. We all have the right to feel confident wherever we are! That includes the gym. And while some may question, “Why when you’ll just sweat it off?” -  that’s not always true!


Personally, I have gone straight to the gym with a full face of makeup, including a leftover OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick from the work day! Sometimes there’s no time to cleanse, tone and moisturize before your daily workout so make your life easier and just go with it! Why should you feel awkward or embarrassed about wearing your favorite lippie while working out? You’re at the gym to do something good for yourself so don’t worry about impressing anyone there. Makeup exists to feel your best so wear that bright lip or heavy eyeliner!


For those of you who DO enjoy wearing makeup to the gym (or don’t have time to take it off prior) here are a few tips for wearing makeup during your workout:


  • Skip the Foundation! – Foundation is a bit heavy for the gym and isn’t a healthy option for your skin. It can clog your pores and sweat glands causing you to break out and aggravate already existing acne and eruptions.


  • Use a Primer or Tinted Moisturizer- For sheer buildable coverage that combats shine and creates a smooth base for makeup, use a primer or BB /CC cream! Our two in one moisturizer and primer Wanderlush would be the perfect item to keep handy on days your heading to the gym! It hydrates without the greasy feel many moisturizers leave on the skin.


  • Eye Makeup a go! - Eyeliner and mascara are must haves for many women to feel confident. So long as you’re not rubbing eyes, your favorite liner and a waterproof mascara is enough to wear throughout a good session at the gym while still feeling confident in yourself! Try our long-wearing and smudge resistant Fixline Eyeliner Gel.


  • Brows? – This is debatable but a natural looking brow is best for the gym. We don’t want our brows to look too polished! For a long-lasting sweat proof brow, OFRA’s Semi-permanent Waterproof Eyebrow Gel is incredibly durable and will not fade even in hot humid weather or when applied prior to swimming or exercising.


  • Lipstick goals - A nude shade is best and we have several options within our Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick range. Check out our nude swatches that are wearable during both work and gym hours. Another great item to have handy in your bag is the Rainbow Lips lipstick wheel which contains six beautifully coordinated lipstick colors to suit all skin tones. With five different wheels to choose from, there is something for everyone!


  • Concealer is your friend. This is a great option to add a bit more confidence when concealing any dark circles or blemishes while getting in your workout. After you’ve finished up at the gym you can add your foundation or contour and anything else you desire as it will be easier to now apply since you’ve already prepped your face with the cream products.


We don’t recommend wearing makeup to the gym routinely but if you do, remember to wash everything off thoroughly afterwards. Use a cleanser like the OFRA Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser that helps remove excess makeup, balance oil secretion and reduce pigmentation while assisting in the cleansing of erupted skin.


Following your cleanser, tone up with our Essential Toner or Revitalizing Toner suitable for all skin types and removes any excess cleanser or makeup to correct the pH balance of the skin. Finish up with a moisturizer suitable for your skin type and you’re ready for a great night’s sleep to wake up and repeat throughout your week (unless it’s a rest day ;)! You can find all of our moisturizers here.


 One customer raves about her experience with the OFRA Skin Care products & her routine:

A must in skin care routine

Evelina on Dec 29, 2016


After I cleanse my face with the Vitamin C cleanser I apply few pumps into a cotton ball and wipe the toner all over my face. It leaves my skin with a fresh and moist feel to it before I even use the skin moisturizer. My skin has never been more clear and I can't stop touching my face. My skin texture has improved significantly in just a few short weeks. I am so happy that I found about the quality of Ofra skin care. I haven't had such a glowing skin in years. I have received so many compliments on how good my skin is looking just this past week. I am hooked and I will never use any other skin care product again! Ofra products have brought my skin back to life! Thank you Ofra for knowing exactly what the skin needs to stay healthy!


What make up do you find most wearable to the gym?

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