How To: Recreate Wonder Woman for Halloween

Posted on 20 October 2017


The countdown continues with 11 days left to Halloween. While some are scrambling for costumes and ideas, simple face makeup is sometimes the most effective and easiest way to pull off an unforgettable Halloween look.


Here’s a quick how-to on this comic style wonder woman people have been making their own:

Here @ohmygeeee uses her OFRAxNikkieTutorials highlighter in Everglow to bring out that extra glow on her face.


NikkieTutorials herself actually created the same look on her Youtube channel and used a few OFRA products to achieve it.


  • After your base is done, apply a red lipstick like our Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Atlantic City that will be sure to last through all of your Halloween festivities.
  • Next, go in with the OFRA Fixline Eyeliner Gel in Black to create all the black lines that make this look a comic style and the White Rabbit Gel liner for the comic style highlight points. 
  • For the golden headpiece, use our RCK Body Glow as a luminous creamy base, you can apply this with our Brush #20 Wide Shadow and Foundation Brush, and then go in with Rodeo Drive Highlighter on top to set and add extra golden dimension.


And Voila! Just a few OFRA products needed to complete this easy look! 

See how NikkieTutorials achieved this look with a step by step tutorial here:



Tried this look using OFRA?

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