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National Beach Day

National Beach Day


This past week we celebrated National Beach Day, a holiday created to celebrate our favorite beaches while also encouraging people to keep the seashore clean.  Thousands of birds and other sea animals are injured and killed every day from plastic bags, fish lines, and other harmful debris that are left discarded along the beaches.

Did you know that all OFRA packaging is recyclable and all products are environmentally friendly? How about the fact that all products have been tested in a laboratory and never on animals? Our products do not contain any animal ingredients. OFRA uses all natural ingredients!

As a PETA and Leaping Bunny certified company that does not test on animals or support animal cruelty, OFRA stands by this national holiday.

View our customer testimonials for first hand reviews of customers who believe in what we stand for like this customer Jackie Sloderbeck:


I had inquired about the use of animal ingredients in your products and was pleasantly surprised to find that your cosmetics are all vegan-friendly. I actually initially received a few items through vegan subscription beauty boxes, but was unsure of using them because I was unfamiliar with the brand. But because you so graciously addressed my concerns, I made a purchase. I must say I have been simply astounded by the quality of your products! Since my first purchase, I have come back for several more and have systematically started to replace everything in my kit with OFRA cosmetics. The Silk Peptide Foundation and Derma Tones Wheel are two of the most impressive products I have ever come by. The coverage is unlike anything I have used. In fact, there isn't a single product I've purchased that hasn't exceeded my expectations. I wanted to send a quick thank you for offering vegan-friendly products that are of exceptional quality. I own makeup from every major brand and have spent thousands of dollars on so-called luxury products that don't even come close to matching what OFRA has to offer. I feel lucky to have found you guys and wanted to say you have made a lifelong customer! Don't change a thing. You're doing everything right! :)”


Located in the sunshine state of Florida, the beach is like home to OFRA Cosmetics. More than a cosmetics company, OFRA’s unique skincare line utilizes Vitamin C as an essential ingredient in many of our products. It replenishes and plumps up the skin cells while also increasing collagen production to help repair damaged skin. This also helps limit sun damage that can result from overexposure to harmful UV rays.


We hope that you decide to continually celebrate National Beach Day (more than one day out of the year) and take some time to keep your beaches clean. You can still enjoy the sand, ocean, the sun and all that nature has to offer - just remember to clean up by the day’s end. A little effort goes a long way! Stay protected throughout the hot days with OFRA’s Vitamin C enriched products and make sure to select the ones with added SPF for extra protection.


You can help make your beaches clean, beautiful and safe for many animals while using a brand that believes in being environmentally and animal friendly.  For a full range of our skin care products click here!


What have you done lately to make a difference in your surrounding environment?


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