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New Year's Resolution: Wake Up Earlier


New Year's Resolution: Wake Up Earlier

OFRA products to help you enjoy your early morning




Starting off your day earlier has numerous health and beauty benefits. Firstly, it’s great for your mental health to carve out some time early in the day before your responsibilities and obligations begin. Taking time to enjoy the early morning helps us slow down and appreciate some well-deserved “me time”. We are our most productive in the early morning so use this time to complete a creative task or make it to that gym class before work.


If you’re anything like me, your mornings regularly consist of rushing to get through your beauty routine instead of savoring it. I desperately want to change this pattern and meet the day with more preparation. Thankfully, OFRA Cosmetics has a few products that make getting up earlier a whole lot easier.


Coffee Body Scrub


This stuff is HEAVENLY. Perfect to use in your morning shower, the Coffee Body Scrub is formulated with ground coffee to awaken your tired senses and stimulate lifeless skin.  At first scent, you might mistake it for your morning latte because it smells like a delicious fresh morning brew. This caffeine exfoliant invigorates skin and fights signs of aging and sun damage. A luxurious early morning treat!


Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser



A staple amongst the OFRA staff, the Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser is your daily answer to cleansing, fighting acne and generally keeping your complexion clear. Its bright citrus smell will enliven any sluggishness you feel in the early morning and help to balance oil secretion. Add water for increased foaminess and work the product in circular motions. This cleanser is truly an every day essential!


Vitamin C Serum 25%



A potent dose of Vitamin C can heel and awaken your skin. The Vitamin C Serum 25% encourages collagen production while also reducing pigmentation and sun damaged skin cells. Its texture is light, non-oily and super gentle for all skin types. Vitamin C can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and brighten your overall complexion. Concentrated Vitamin C serums are generally used to spot treat problem areas, however, the OFRA serum is gentle enough to use all over the face. Use after cleansing for the best results.


Skin Sculpting Wands



Now, let’s take care of those tired eyes! The Skin Sculpting Set is designed to naturally sculpt and highlight your face, however, I use the shades “Sunrise” for concealing dark circles and “Dawn” for brightening. I blend the product out with either my ring finger or the OFRA Perfecting Puff and my tired eyes instantly appear more awake. 


Light Beige Eyeliner & HD Volumizing Mascara



After the under eyes are brightened and face is concealed, I will usually add a few extra touches to seem even more awake. Lining your inner eyelid with a light-colored pencil such as the OFRA Light Beige shade does wonders for a wide-eyed alert effect. Finally, I curl my lashes and apply a light coat of HD Volumizing Mascara in Black.


…And voila! I look awake and I’m ready to face the day.


What are your favorite products to use in the early morning? Comment below!




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